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Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
I am aware of the numerous more deaths than just those brutal killings in the middle east. What of the numerous who die of malaria, the plague, and AIDS in Africa? I do grieve for those who die in other countries, yet you assume I exclusively mourn for those in this terrorist attack? How in the hell am I wrong in posting my condolences here?

Oh, you can understand the shock? It sure as heck seems that you are incapable of feeling anything. A terrorist attack in one of the United States' most populace, prominent, and important cities? Civilians blown apart in an explosion? Of course people are emotional, what the hell else would you expect from them? Your ignorant perception of America as a whole is ridiculously skewed, and I am normally very critical of my country. Tell me, how many countries have you been to in your life? How many cultures have you experienced?

Get off your high horse, you damned fool.
Okay, lets see, I have been to Canada (if that counts, considering that you asked how many cultures i had experienced too, and canada and USA's cultures being identical) the Carribbean, Spain, France and Britan, Not much, although i have extendable knowledge of many cultures
How in the hell am I wrong in posting my condolences here?
I never claimed there was something wrong with that, I simply asked a somewhat satirical question