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Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
You think I don't know that? If you follow any of my posts on here, you'd know precisely my position. Contrary to your morbidly misguided opinion, the majority of the United States is war weary and would rather regress in foreign policy.

I am acting crazy or irrational because I grieve the unrighteous pain and deaths of my fellow citizens? F*ck off you sociopathic misanthrope.
But why dont you grieve for the teenagers that were shot by Breivik? or better yet; why dont you grieve for the hundreds of people who die far more painful and grotesque deaths every day in the middle east? are arabic people less worth than white americans in your eyes? do you hate teenagers?

I can understand the shock, america acts like they're the top of the world, and its pretty surprising then something like this happens, but i honestly think a lot of people are overreacting, why should i pray for three people who are already dead? i would rather pray for the thousands of people who die from AIDS and cancer every day, or for the genocide in South Africa to end. Or for the millions of children who starve to death while their countries leaders are just watching.