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Default Re: [IA] Mundus Perfectus: The Reader-Created IA

>The world is a melting pot of supernaturals. There are normal humans, but also faeries, demons, angels, spirits, dieties from ancient cultures, wizards and other magic users who may not be as potent, and all that.

You determine that for this planet, many forms of life shall be here. Angels from high above, or demons from deep below. Gods from ancient tribes, finally alive. The different faeries, large and small, and the half-human fauna. Our world is now complete. All that is now left for us to do is find out hero. The locator you shall use is right over there in that corner, the one with all of the drawings pinned on the wall. However, it's very old, and hasn't been upgraded, so I'm afraid it's a little buggy.

>FW: Turn on machine.

You decide to turn on the machine, and like a miracle, it works. It locates a random creature from the planet Floobdolt. What kind of creature is this and what is their gender? You are afraid you need some glasses to see...

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