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Default Re: Route 6

(Guys, I'm so sorry I've taken so long with this ^^' I'll make it up to you, promise! :D)

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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Heading to Nova in a hurry !!
In party:


In Box

As I walk forward Ash lets out a sharp screech. No sooner then i hear her cry that I freeze. As i look down I see a familiar face. I move back a step looking at the little monkey type.

"You again huh?"

I bend down next two the little guy.

"Didnt think Id be seeing you again !" I say with a bit of surprise.

The little guy looks up to me with a little smile. Realizing that it had been looking for a little more play time last time. I ask it
"You up for a little battle ? if I win you can join us on our adventure. If you win you can have a pokeblock."

Slakoth response was a simple nod.

I stood up looking back for Ash who had found a tree to rest against.
"Slakoth wants a battle ! you ready !"

The fearsome fire ape stepped forward using her little hands to knocking up some grass and dirt.

Before I could even shout the first order Slakoth moved. Ash was caught off guard by the quickness of the lazy ape. With hard grasp Monferno was tossed into the air. The powerful monkey quickly came down on its back. With its breath gone Ash got to her feet taking a few seconds to catch her breath. Slakoth took advantage tackling Ash. The tired monkey type didnt seem to be ready to go that easy. With quick grasp of the Slakoths arm Monferno took back advantage slamming the lazy monkey to the ground. Ash then used its brick breaker to send the lazy pokemon flying. The two monkey took a break worn out they moved at each other. As the two got closer and closer Ash used her speed to leap into the air and come down on Slakoth with a hard punch to the ground. JC takes out a timer ball and tosses it.
(I hope thats the right ball. lol)
Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Currently: On Route 6, just chilling
Party: Rick, Cage, Greed, Breeze, Aril, Clover

''Yeah, we've got another member to our crew.'' Cage jumped with excitement as the blue ball was transported to my PC storage. I looked to were Emma was and she looked more calm now that Duskull was caught.

''You did an awesome job Cage, you deserve a good rest.'' I returned Cage to the comfiness of his Pokeball and then turned my eyes towards JC. He had also found a wild Pokemon, a Slakoth this time. JC wasted no time to start the battle against the lazy Pokemon and send out Ash.

But as soon as the flaming monkey appeared, the Slakoth tossed Ash into the air. This was a short lived victory for Slakoth because after a while the type advantage gave Ash the victory. JC threw a Timer Ball and Slakoth went in.
JC's Timer Ball rolls once...!



Three times!

PING! Slakoth was captured! (Yay, he finally joined the team! :D)

Emma breathed a sigh of relief once all the battling was done. She turned to her two escorts hopefully, straying to ask, "Are you... A-are we going to look for more Pokemon, or...?"

She twiddles her fingers nervously. It's clear from the expression on her face that she's worrying about her father back at the Nova Outpost.

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