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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade [4/15 Update!]


::Ring, ring, ring… hello? Ring, ring, ring… hello?::

<…Char. Is that your… Is that your PokeGear?>

::Ring, ring, ring… hello?::

Oh, hey, yah! I changed my ringtone! :D

<Good grief… Pick it up, already.>


“Char, dear! How are you?”

Uh, oh. “Oh, hey Mom… Er, I’m doing good. We just got to the end of Route 32. I was going to stop by the Pokémon Center before we headed into Union Cave.”

“Oh, good! You can pick up that new item I bought you with your money then!”

“What? Mom! You’ve been spending my money already???”

“Well, of course. I mean, you’re earning quite a bit, and it’s such a shame to leave it laying there. Unspent. And hey, I saw something that would be useful so I said, WHY NOT?”

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFudge. Gosh, it’d better be useful. “Gee, that’s so thoughtful of you.”

“I know, right? Hey, I gotta go, but keep up on your adventure! And keep sending money my way, dear~! I’m taking good care of it, I promise.”

Evidently. “Right. Thanks Mom.” CLICK. Well, better go see what that’s about.

<Char continued her way down the Route, aiming straight for the Pokémon Center. Her team has been battling their way through the mazes of 32, and they could have used a little break before braving the darkness of Union Cave. Just before Char reached her destination, however, a stranger stepped out from the brush.>

“Hey… Wanna buy a sundial?”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, do you wanna buy a Slowpoke Tail?” <The man whips out what resembles a pink worm.> “It can be yours for the incredibly low price of one million dollars!”

“O-one million?”

“Dude, do I look like I’m made of that kind of money? Besides, that’s disgusting!”

“…So you don’t want it?”


“Tch, well there goes that scam. And I thought kids these days were loaded.”

“They’re not… because their mothers keep spending their money…”

<The shady guy gave Char a weird look as she and her gang continued on to the Pokémon Center. Once she was safely inside, the nurse healed her team while she took a look at her PC.>

Okay, what do we got here? …A SUPER POTION???? MOM, YOU’RE THE BEST! :’D

<Having new found gratitude towards her mother, Char gathered up her gear and prepared for a spelunking excursion through Union Cave.>

LoL, speeeeeelunk-ing. Love that word xD

<…Mmm, yes… Anyway, after battling the last few Trainers on Route 32, Char heads into the cave—which, surprisingly, isn’t as dark as she thought it was.>

Huh. You would have figured it would be an area where you would have to use the HM you just earned in the last gym… BUT NOPE. Oh well, I won’t complain. Globox! Let’s trounce these Hikers!

<No iron-hearted rock-type could stand against the might of Globox’s water-type attacks as they carved their way through the winding paths of the cave! This area was perfect for the little Poliwag, and much leveling occurred. As for the first encounter.>

Rattata. IGNORING.

<Well, to be honest, Union Cave was rather uneventful—up until the egg began shaking violently within Char’s bag.>

Huh? Wait! The egg’s hatching!!!! KJDLFKSJ:FSJ: GUYS LOOK!

HATCHED! Togepi, Level 5! Now, what to name you? I know! I’ll name you Kirby!

<Char… it’s a female.>

What??? Kenny’s a girl? Kirby’s a girl? …But I already entered her name! D:

<Prrrrrreeee! ^v^ >

...Oh well, it works. Welcome to the team, Kirby! :D

<An egg within an egg…?>


<Char spent some time in Union Cave leveling up her newest addition to her family, but before she knew it, she was stepping out into the sunlight over Route 34.>

Finally, I can get a signal! Man, this thing’s got worse reception than my old Team Mobile phone… *dials* “Hello? Professor Elm? Hey, guess what? The egg hatched!”

“What! It did! Holy Milktank! You gotta show me right away!”

“Oh, you mean… in person? But I just made it through Union Cave… I’m almost to Azalea Town…”

“Really? Good, I’ll see you soon then! Oh, Char, this is so exciting! Talk to you in a bit!” CLICK.

“…Goshfreakin, flabbingjabbing, toastingjellypudding, ugh! Well, guys. I got some good news, and some bad news.”

<What’s the good news, boss?>

“…The good news is, we got to Route 34!”

<YAY! Route 34! :D>

<Prreeeee! ^o^>

<…and the bad news?>

“We’re heading back to Twig Town—I mean, New Bark!”





<YAY! Twig Town! :D>

<Preeee? o.o?>

“…Oh, don’t look at me like that. Okay, fine. We’ll stop in Azalea Town for a bit before heading back, mkay?”

Route 34: A wild ZUBA—

<Char heads down the hill towards Azalea Town, but not before noticing a dip in the ground. There she notices an odd construction rising out of the ground—this could be none other than the famed Slowpoke Well of Azalea Town. However, a man dressed in black is blocking the way to the ancient structure.>

“Um, excuse me.”



“Oh, sorry. I was getting into character.”

“For what?”

“It’s unsafe to go in there right now! The ladder broke or something, so I’m standing guard to make sure no one goes in. Aren’t I a good Samaritan?”

“You’re something else, that’s for sure.” >:/

“Hey, thanks! :D”

“I was being—oh, nevermind! People in this world just don't understand sarcasm! Let’s go guys…”

<What a nice man! That’s so nice of him, standing guard to make sure nobody get’s hurt.>

<Yo, what you smoking? That guy’s up to something… I know it.>

“We’ll check it out when we get back from Twi—New Bark. Let’s head to the Pokemon Center and—”

::Ring, ring, ring, hello?::

“Who’s calling me now? Hello?”


“Oh, no, it’s Joey.”

“Battle! Now! Route 30! Be there, or be square!” Click!


<Ah, poor Char. She has a great deal of backtracking to do, as well as a rematch with Joey. We’ll have to see how she holds up—next time, here at the Crystal Clear Nuzlocke! Where it’s anything but Clear~!>


We got egged! *shot*

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