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Default PickleBoy's Casual Trade Center


So what's a casual trade? It's when two people trade Pokemon without any real motive or reason, just for fun or some other, non-traditional reason for doing so. I personally like collecting different areas on the Geonet.

I have here an entire box of Pokemon that are serving me little purpose. Some are decent, some are unique, most are meh.

If you want to trade with me, simply fill this form out:


In-game Name:
Friend Code:
Pokemon you want:

It's very easy, I don't even care what Pokemon you give back to me.... mostly. All Pokemon in my game are 100% legit, using no external devices whatsoever. I REQUIRE that your Pokemon are the same. I also prefer Pokemon with nicknames, but it's not as required.

Here is the box of Pokemon up for casual trading at this moment. If you have any questions, PM me and ask.

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