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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Blaise and Ella
Hospital in New York
Affected RPers: Kei Ochima, DarkAmethyst

"There's the hospital!" Ella said from the back seat, pointing to the right.
"Can you make the car look like something else? People will get suspicious if they think it is a police car being driven by me." Blaise said. Ella knew he was right. She changed the appearance of it to everyone close by to a Blue Mitsubishi Pajero.

Blaise stopped the car in the front of the hospital.
"Okay, I have entered the minds of everyone nearby. Nobody will recognise us. Any IDs will match our new appearance and have different names on them to everyone else. You are Blayne Waters." Ella said. Blaise nodded as he got out the car and picked up Caroline, taking her into the building. Ella ran ahead to the reception.

"Help! My sister was shot! Somebody tried to mug her and it went badly. Her boyfriend is carrying her in now." Ella said to the person at the reception desk. Blaise walked in a few seconds later, carrying Caroline.

Hospital staff ran over to them with a stretcher, and Blaise placed Caroline on it. She was rushed to another room for surgery.

"She is gonna be okay after surgery." Said the doctor after quickly analysing the wound and the amount of blood, "Any later and she might not have been."
"Can you please tell me which room she will be in when she wakes up after the surgery? She will panic if she doesn't know I am alright, so I should be there when she wakes up." Ella said, lying through her teeth.
"I understand. Room 49 is free. I will organise for her to be taken there. You can wait there. If anyone gives you any trouble, tell them that J.D said you could." The doctor said as he went into the operation room.

Ella looked around and saw Blaise on the phone.
"What? She found the house?" Blaise said to the person on the other end, "Good job on catching her. Do not let her leave your sight until I get home."
Ella looked around, and created a new illusion. To everyone else Blaise was talking to is girlfriends parents, explaining the mugging and Ella was silent. Nobody could listen in.
"Nobody else can hear you. They think you are talking about something else." Ella said to him.
"Thanks." Blaise said to her, then began talking to the phone again, "I found Caroline. She refused to come with me because she said it was too dangerous. But she left and got shot. I have got her to the hospital now with the help of a friend. I might be late getting home."
Blaise hung up the phone.
"I have to say, good job. Is there anything I can get you? Some food maybe? Keeping up all these illusions must be tiring." Blaise said.
"It is still early in the day, so I still have some energy. But at this rate I will pass out by lunchtime. Could you please get me some food, and maybe one of those Energy drinks? I will be waiting in room 49 for Caroline."
"Sure," Blaise said.
"I am warning you though, my illusions only last a certain distance. There are shops in walking distance, but I recommend you lay low so people don't see you suddenly change appearance." Ella said to Blaise as she walked towards the room.
Blaise nodded and walked out, putting on a hood, and walking to the shops Ella mentioned.

Ella waited for a little while in the hospital room, reading the minds if people walking past to entertain herself. After a while, Caroline was brought in to the room, still unconscious from the surgery. After a little while, Blaise walked in with a bag of chips and a V.
"Thanks," Ella said, "Holding this many illusions to this degree drains my energy. Though I can do it a lot better now than I could before I ran away."
"Ran away? From the Company?" Blaise asked.
Ella didn't know who the company were. But instead of asking, she read Blaise's mind, and learnt who they were.
"No. My father was an important politician. I lived in a big mansion most of my life, never allowed to leave for my safety. I wanted to see what the world was like outside of the mansion, but was kidnapped and held for ransom." Ella said, "I used illusions to make one of the kidnappers kill the others, then himself, and walked out of there. After that I knew I could protect myself from the dangers if the world, and ran away."
Blaise was shocked. A seemingly innocent young girl had forced someone to kill his comrades, then kill himself. He shook off that feeling, remembering some of the things he had to do to survive in this world.
Caroline began to stir, and Blaise spoke again.
"When Caroline wakes up, let me speak to her. She knows me, and I will explain everything."
Ella nodded.

A few minutes later Caroline woke up.
"Caroline, you might not remember me, but I am Blaise from the Bagel shop. I went out to my car, and found you shot in the alley, with the gunman running away. I froze him to the ground, and brought you to the hospital." Blaise said, "thanks to Ella here, nobody recognises us. She can read minds and create illusions. To everyone else here, you look completely different, and your IDs have a fake name. That, and everyone listening to our conversation will hear something completely different. We all look completely different. You're safe here."

OOC: sorry for rapid posting. I wanted to get Ella involved with my last post and wasn't expecting to be able to bunny Caroline until the hospital when I made it.

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