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'The sun will set in two hours, three minutes and fourteen and a half seconds.'

It was a castle overlooking the Oceanside in grand old Europe. The castle was old, based on the architecture and style of the buttresses and arches. The most aged pieces of the entire building was anything made out of wood. Even with that, the entire place was locked from the inside out, and not a single soul had been in or out of that building in hundreds of years.

That was, anything not human. Triplets of bell towers rose from each corner of the stony piece of history, arches that doubled as bridges worked between them to connect each one to the other. In the centre of a large courtyard remained one, single tower at the centre of this network, one that looked over the entire grounds of the castle. Few had ever seen this sight, and those who did were in awe, and somehow knew to pass on. Within the castle were many old rooms, the tower included. At the top however, one would find the unexpected.

The room was held together with stone arches that lifted the ceiling high into the shadows, but ones with crystals of all kind growing on them with lights glowing from odd plant life not seen or from the planet they were currently on. One could not see where these supports ended, as if the ceiling itself were its own night sky. Pieces of furniture including a few cots, a chair, a couch and a very large table with chairs all around it decorated the room, if one were to put it kindly. There was a desk opposite the table with an old music player next to it, one that looked recently used. Beside it was a laptop that was currently on, and a grey tabby, swatting at the keys on it as if attempting to type something. Beyond it, looking out one of the openings in the wall where crystal seemed to me replacing where stained glass used to be, was a gem covered, stony beast. Still and unmoving, even as it sat it loomed over the edge just a touch. Eyes were closed as it seemed to be meditating of some sort. Everything was so calm and quiet; one would have been able to hear the shifting of dust should the wind blow through.

Moments after the tabby had finished attacking the laptop keyboard, the great beast opened her eyes, looking out to the horizon that would soon claim the sun in slumber. “Lexife.”

“Mrrrow?” The tabby answered, jumping down from the stool and making his way over to his large master.

“I sense a chaos… one that intrigues me.” She told her changing familiar friend. “The crystals have shown me that one, or many need help, but being neglected of the Skysean entity of nature… I cannot say for sure.”


“Haven, was the key. I believe they need one, whoever they may be.” She continued to explain. “Find them, and bring them through the passage under the courtyard. Fire and ice… fire and ice.”

“Meeeeow.” Lexife responded, darting off down the open trap door as his body changed quickly from that of a tabby, to that of a German Shepard. The trapdoor shut with a slam behind him as he changed shape, heading down a very steep set of spiralling stair cases, down a ladder, and into the courtyard where the grate that let water into a pond flowed from. That grate led down a tunnel where the water was a bit more than ankle deep, and after long twists and turns, finally led outside into a heavily forested area where the foliage seemed to choke out any hint of their being a secret entrance. Lexife crawled through the small stony spacing between the boulders, shaking off his fur in the process and putting his nose to the air. Catching the ‘scent’ of ice and fire, the canine darted off towards where his master claimed trouble was.

When he would arrive, he would attempt to lead them to the ‘haven’, otherwise known as his master’s medieval penthouse.
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