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Default Re: Project Gray [PG-13]

Tricky!!!!! Guess what??? I caught up! :D

And I'm certainly glad I did! ^^ I am really enjoying this story--the characterizations, the events, everything~<3 I especially like how you have written out the battles. I know I've always had a super hard time writing those, but you really know how to weave a great action sequence! ^^

I also really like just what's been happening in the story as well. I like the characters you've chosen to put together--at this point they certainly seem rag-tag, but I always enjoy reading stories about how such teams rise over their challenges, even when there seems to be very little hope at first. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how these guys face the odds here ^^ You know, I'm kind of curious about that nurse at Cinnabar :o Will we hear from her in the future? IDK, she just seemed really interesting to me in that she was practically on Cinnabar by herself, in an empty Pokemon Center. Does she have an interesting story? (Also, I'm really hoping that Brock joins the crew, cuz he was one of my favorite Kanto leaders even though he always trumped my starter cough cough )

I noticed a few small grammatical errors... but I can't remember them right now xD I think the biggest one is that I'm still seeing "whenever" in some places where it should just be "when". Also, I'm curious about the artwork on the first post. Did you do that? :O Because it's all sorts of amazing!!! :D

Anyway, this has been a super good read, Tricky! I'm certainly looking forward to more! ^^

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