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Freya Smith
Anit-Secrecy Phoenix/Stymphalian Bird Hybrid
A bar in Blackpool, England
ARPers: Velocity

Freya walked toward a bar, she had left her weapons back at her hotel room, she didn't need them at the moment since this was just a little visit to see what kind of creatures she was dealing with, he client hadn't told her much, just that they were Manticores and rather vicious. She sighed and flicked a few strands of orange hair over her shoulder as she walked, remembering what had happened only yesterday.


It was a nice day out in London, and Freya was enjoying a nice glass of wine in her favorite club, she was supposed to meet up with a client today, get information on who she was about to kill, she had only been to England a few times on a couple of kills, but it was rare for her to come to this rather wet country.

She spotted her client walking in, he was rather short, a little stubby but he seemed to be the posh stuck up type of stubby, not rich, just posh. She watched him walk over with a beer in hand and he took a couple of big gulps before starting up the conversation.

"There are a couple of creatures I would like you to kill." Freya rolled her eyes, this man was getting on her nerves already.

"It's two Manticores," Freya raised an eyebrow, she had read about Manticores in a book once, she wasn't sure how reliable the source was but apparently they could be fierce creatures. He handed her a small folder. "I have some information on them, pictures, their fake names and where they live, as well as some likely places for them to be."

Freya smiled and the thumbed through the contents of the folder, she could easily find out where the two creatures live but having the information given to her was so much easier. "How much are you willing to pay."

"As much as you want." The man almost shouted, "Those things killed my brother an-" He was cut of by Freya's raised hand.

"I don't care about your motivations, I just wanted to know if you could pay." She sighed and thought about the job. "Give me 5,000 upfront, and then another 5,000 after I complete the job, can you do that?" The man nodded and they left for the bank.

End Flashback

Freya walked into the bar as a song finished, she was never into music and would never be able to name the song or the artist. She walked over to the counter and ordered an orange juice. Once she got her drink she sat down near the back of the bar, watch the two people on stage. She sipped at her drink occasionally, ignoring the few stares that she received.

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