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Vampire-infested Tower
Affected RPers: Dragotech

"Well, I could and probably would if you continue to mention my obvious faults to me, but what good would that do me, I am not even thirsty. Now, if you wouldn't mind answering my question, would you like to help me clear out this tower?" the mysterious vampire chuckled, "Or would you rather try and kill me?" He laughed in a slightly menacing tone.

Asden directed the tip of one of his blades toward the odd fellow, "I have no inherent quarrel with your ilk, vampire." He sheathed his blades and drew his bow, "Even if I desired to assault you, it would not be a most polite time to do so, as you are my liberator."

He silently moved towards the the door way, "Now, let's go see if we can't take these guys out," before either one of them made another move, Asden turned slightly, "What's your name?"
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