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Default Re: Elder Scrolls Club =D (Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Skyrim, etc.)

I have a very bland update.

I finally got a high enough level to get my Dragonbone bow and I finished Dawnguard.

So I'm basically on my way to maxing my smithing [91, oh so close] and for some reason crafting jewellery is more EXP than actual weapons... I'm not sure why. Thank god I have that Transmute spell to turn Iron Ore and Silver Ore into gold. Ran out of gems so decided to go find words of power and dungeon running for gems. Well it went all fine and dandy until I ran into the Arcwind Point glitch and no matter how many times I reset it, reloaded, did something different, it will not clear from my quest list and now I can have no more words of power pointed out to me.

Also in my latest trolling, I was attacked by an Ancient Dragon while a normal Dragon decided to show up while being shot at by four skeletons and being chased by two Frost Trolls and a Draugur Deathlord and Death Overlord who seemed keen on Fus Ro Dah-ing me like a rag doll. All at the same time. I summoned my undead dragon buddy sometime in the middle of it and omfg I had no idea what was going on.

To recap:
Ancient Dragon
Normal Dragon
Frost Troll x2
Skeleton [with bows] x4
Draugur Deathlord
Draugur Death Overlord

All at the same time. Yes I did live. Without using Bend Will.

Also Lightning enchanted Flawless Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow that ignored 50% of armor rating is awesome weapon.

That is all.
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