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Name: Blackthorne
Race: Argonian
Location: Riften
Currently: Dragon attack... again?
Perspective: Third
Arpers: Those in Riften watchin for oversized, flying, fire-breathing lizards

Blackthorne stood outside as a dragon's roar broke the typical sounds of daily life in Riften... again.

She looked up and watched a dragon land on the orphanage. She jumped and grasped the upper dock as a jet of flame scorched the spot she had just been standing in.

She pulled herself up onto the upper walkway. She readied firebolts and tossed them up at the dragon.

The annoyed dragon turned its focus on her. She moved back and it jumped down onto the walkway.

She stared with a fairly frightened expression at the border of terror at the beast as she drew the Twin Rippers. The identical war axes glowed a subtle red as they were drawn. The dragon lunged for a bite. Blackthorne jumped back and swung her right axe upward. It collided with the inside of the mouth. It tore flesh and angered the dragon. The dragon released another jet of flame. Blackthorne slipped beneath the upper walkway. The shadow as her ally, she disappeared beneath the walkway. She climbed up behind the dragon. She appeared as she brought her war axes down on the dragons hindquarters. The surprised dragon slammed its tail into the Argonian.

Blackthorne staggered and tried to recover from this blow. She recovered in time to see the dragon preparing to release another breath of flame. With no where to go to avoid it, she lunged in and kneed the lower jaw of the dragon. The startled dragon shut its mouth. While her knee was in contact with the dragon, she drew the shiv from her boot. She quickly jabbed the dragon's eye with it. The dragon roared in pain in anger. She jumped for one of her dropped war axes. She closed her eyes and swung it in a downward arc as hard as she could. Her war axe stuck into something hard. She opened her eyes and saw the axe had stuck into the skull of the dragon. She put her foot down on its snout and forced her axe out. The dying dragon breathed heavily. Blackthorne grabbed her other Falmer war axe and swung them both into the dragon's neck.

The dragon soon expired from its wounds. Blackthorne slid her Shiv back into her boot and put her axes back onto her belt. She leaned over the railing. She knew she would be sore. She dismissed the gale of wind blowing behind her as simply wind.

She jumped as she turned around and saw the bones of the dragon. She turned back around dismissing that as a normal occurence based on the fact there were dragon bones settled where the marketplace should be from the cat's battle with that dragon earlier.

She leaned over the railing. To her great surprise she heard a voice sound behind her.

"No lollygagging."

She turned towards the guard with a scowl. "And where were you five minutes ago?"

"Listening to the Thane rant about dragons. Where were you? Chugging Skooma, Milkdrinker?"

Blackthorne stared at the guard for a moment gesturing to the dragon.

"Get to your point, lizard! Stop wasting my time!"

Blackthorne stared at the guard for a moment and walked away. "I need a drink."
She walked off and into the Bee and Barb. She placed gold onto the table she sat and called for a Cliff Racer. She listened to Maramal preach the gospel of Mara as she enjoyed the drink.

Name: Norik Oakskin
Race: Breton, Vampire
Location: A vampire infested ruined tower.
Currently: letting his vampiric sense of humor get the best of him
Perspective: third
Arpers: Teddiursa of the Sky

"That's an interesting color of eyes. I suppose you aren't here to feed on me?"

Norik watched as the Imperial dressed stranger reached for a crate. Having lived for a long enough time, he didn't need to guess why.

"Well, I could and probably would if you continue to mention my obvious faults to me, but what good would that do me, I am not even thirsty. Now, if you wouldn't mind answering my question, would you like to help me clear out this tower?" He chuckled, "Or would you rather try and kill me?" He laughed in a slightly menacing tone.

Name: Gorvesh Hammerfist
Race: Orc, Werewolf
Location: Whiterun
Currently: Going to Jorrvaskr
Perspective: third
Arpers: no one yet

Gorvesh stood at the gates of Whiterun. He pushed one open and walked inside. He took a look around before starting his sprint. All was still standing as far as he could see.

He soon found himself at Jorrvakr. He walked into the building and stood before Vilkas. "You did not tell me the soup spoon was a fork."

"Aah, you left before we got that bit of information."

Gorvesh retrieved the fork from his pocket and presented it to Vilkas. "The Soup Spoon of Ysgramor."

"Yes. Now prepare. We will be chasing a group of Silver Hands, and we plan to bring you along with us."

Gorvesh smirked. "Delightful. When do we leave, I am ready now."


Name: Sulvahdinriik
Race: Giant, Flying, Fire-breathing Lizard
Location: Somewhere in Skyrim
Currently: Flying
Perspective: Third
Arpers: N/A

Sulvahdinriik flew over Skyrim. She still had not found her master. She flew near another human city, and observed fighting. One of the lesser races was in open combat with one of the dov. The dovah was fighting well enough, while his opponent seemed to rely on agility alone. She flew along watching. She was slightly curious of the victor.

It surprised her, but her fellow dragon had lost. She noticed a gale of wind from the fallen dragon as its corpse burned. She thought to herself <Dovahkiin?>. She began to fly faster to escape the view of what could be a Dovahkiin.

She slowed once it had appeared she was a safe distance from possible detection.

She slowed as she spotted her master upon a high cliff. He took this place as a home, for only the dov could reach him here. She landed and cowered beneath her larger master.

"Nivahriin, you are not worthy of the words of the Dov." The black dragon glared down upon Sulvahdinriik.

"Drem yol lok krilot kroniid, kriid se lahvu se muz, ofan hin aaz." Sulvahdinriik lay down on the ground, trembling and looking up at Alduin.

"You have recieved my mercy when I raised you from death, do not ask it again." Alduin continued to glare.

"W-what would you have me do, master?" She continued to look up at Alduin from the floor.

"Very good, you understand you have not the right to speak with the words of the Dov. I want the human city of Dawnstar to be taken. Take my message to Skyborn Alter. Go now!"

Sulvahdinriik took flight. She flew fast and quickly escaped Alduin's glaring eyes.
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