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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

New York City
Affected RPers: Kei (insert second word here)

Blaise walked out of the shop, confused to what happened. As he walked towards where his car was parked he was lost in thought. Suddenly he hit the ground. He realised he didn't look where he was walking, and walked into the path of a guy running from an alley. Both of them were on the ground, and Blaise saw the other guy holding a gun, then looked at the alley where he came from. In the alley, laid an unconscious blonde. Caroline.

"Are you from the company you bastard?" Blaise asked, as he stood up. Blaise looked around and saw some water pipes lining the walls. Before the man could get up, Blaise pulled the water from the pipes, and threw it onto the man, freezing it, and the man to te ground. Blaise lit a flame on his hand.

"I should kill you. But that's what the company does." Blaise said, "I won't stoop to that level."

Blaise ran over to Caroline and took off his jacket. He pulled out his knife and cut off the sleeve, and tied it around the wound, attempting to stop the bleeding. Blaise picked up Caroline, and put her in his car.

His foot hit the floor, as the car sped off, towards the hospital.

"Hold on," Blaise said, "I was too late for Abbee. I am not letting them bastards hurt anyone else."

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