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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Ashley and Jeremy
New York City

"Excuse me." Ashley and Jeremy both turned away from each other to look at the male teen who had approached their table, Ashley's eyes instantly widening in shock as she locked her eyes with the male. "Sorry to bother you, but have we met before? You look awfully familiar." Ashley slowly stood up from her seat as shock was still clearly visible on her face, alarming her brother as he stood up as well.

"It's you..." Ashley breathed, Jeremy realizing that the male in front of them was the one in his sister's dreams by simply looking at his appearance.

"Ashley let's go." Jeremy whispered in her ear as he lightly tugged on his sister's arm, though she didn't budge as her shock disappeared, the brunette standing her ground as she stood up straighter.

"Who are you?" Ashley demanded in a whisper. Jeremy tugged on his sister's arm again as he glanced towards the window from something catching his eye, the ground starting to slightly shake.

"The hell?" Jeremy questioned, Ashley finally tearing her gaze away from Ichiru to look at her brother.

"What's going on?" Ashley asked when feeling the ground begin to vibrate as well. She followed her brother's gaze to the window where a large cloud of dark smoke and dust could be seen from only a couple blocks away, the aftershock from Alexander's Psionic energy causing the glass from the shop's windows to suddenly shatter.

"Ashley!" Jeremy shouted, though his sister was already acting as she stood in front of Ichiru and held out both of her hands towards the shattering windows as large pieces of shards were racing their way, shadows dancing around like fire around Ashley's hands. The entire bagel shop was then engulfed into darkness as Ashley's shadows quickly expanded, every shard of glass suddenly stopping and levitating in the air. She then dropped her hands as the shadows disintegrated into nothing, the glass falling to the ground.

"Are you okay?" Ashley asked her brother, who nodded.

"What the hell was that?"

"I don't know." Ashley answered her brother with a shake of her head, looking back over towards Ichiru. It was a good thing she only had to deal with Alexander's aftershock, because she wouldn't had been able to stop the glass if she were faced against his actual power.

"You're one of them!" Ashley and Jeremy quickly shifted their attention to the woman on the other side of the counter, her finger pointing right at Ashley. "You're one of the freaks! I'm calling The Company!"

"Time to go." Jeremy said as he quickly grabbed his sister's hand and ran out of the bagel shop, though she didn't resist this time as the two teens ran down the city's streets as fast as they could. Once they made it in front of the high school they stopped running, the two siblings catching their breath.

"Jeremy, look." Ashley pointed to a mushroom cloud in the sky from Alexander's attack, the bagel shop and high school being about five city blocks away from where the attack had ended.

"That mushroom cloud is really big." Jeremy commented.

"I know." Ashley agreed. "We should go check it out."

"What about school?"

"I doubt schools will be open now. They'll think it's another terrorist attack." Ashley pointed out.

"True." The male nodded, finally looking over towards his sister. "He was the guy from your dreams, right?"

"Yeah." Ashley nodded. "We need to get answers from him."

"No. We need to leave New York right now." Jeremy said with seriousness clear in his tone, but Ashley shook her head.

"I'm tired of running from The Company. It's time we fight back!"

"But it's just the two of us! What if that guy in your dreams is from The Company?"

"I'm not running anymore." Jeremy sighed from his sister's stubbornness, the male thinking over everything.

"Fine. We'll stay in the city, but we're getting a different apartment." Jeremy then looked towards the mushroom cloud and began to walk in the direction of it, causing his sister to follow. "Why did you save that guy who was in your dreams?"

"We need answers so we're not going to get them if he's dead."

"Good point." Ashley looked across the street from the high school and suddenly stopped walking, her jaw dropping at what she saw.

"You have to be kidding me..." Ashley growled.

"What's wrong?" Jeremy looked in the direction where Ashley was staring at, seeing a large graveyard with a thick patch of woods towards the back of it.

"I know what I have to do to get answers..." Ashley looked over towards Jeremy and then the mushroom cloud. "You need to go see what caused that massive explosion. I'm gonna go into the woods alone and wait for that guy."

"Are you crazy?" Jeremy gasped.

"I'll be fine. The entire woods is covered by shadows so I'll stand a good fighting chance. You need to go and see if the explosion had anything to do with anyone who has an ability." Ashley and Jeremy stared at each other for a few long moments in silence, Jeremy sighing in defeat as he nodded.

"Fine. But if anything gets out of hand, call me." Ashley nodded at her brother's words, watching as he walked away. Ashley turned her attention back towards the woods and walked through the graveyard, the brunette finding the path from her dream that led into the woods.

"Here goes nothing..." Ashley whispered, walking into the woods alone. She didn't know how long she walked for after venturing away from the path, but after awhile she came across a fallen tree which she instantly recognized from her dream, remembering that she was standing in front of it when the jet black wolf was replaced by the male teen. The brunette quickly took out her phone and went onto the internet, looking up the meaning for a black wolf or dog.

The symbolism of a black wolf is aggressive danger. Typically Indian lore states that any wolf in a dream is a bad omen, particularly because of the representation of their soul. They are perceived as majestic yet feared animals and are typically a sign of death and misfortune.

"Well that's just great..." Ashley growled as she put her phone away, remembering that Jeremy was trying to protect her from the other male. She had a feeling that a fight was going to breakout between the male and her if he showed, to which Ashley willed shadows to dance around both of her hands as she waited with caution.

Caroline and Alex
New York City

As Caroline sat at her table and ate her breakfast she noticed a male with blonde hair sitting at the corner of the room with a hat on his head, his face looking towards the wall so Caroline couldn't see his face. Caroline didn't pay this much attention as she took a sip from her drink, the blonde having no idea that the male was her brother Alex.

"Hey, I'm Blaise." A male said after sitting at the same table as Caroline, the blonde looking at him with caution. Caroline didn't say anything at first as she watched him unscrew the lid of his water bottle and poured a little bit onto the table. Blaise then put his hand over the water as Caroline's cautious expression turned to one of wonder, Blaise blocking the view of water from everyone else besides Caroline. She watched in amazement as he took control of the water, levitating it, and then making it spin in the air.

"Y-you just..." Caroline whispered, locking her eyes with Blaise.

"You aren't the only one with gifts." Blaise whispered to her, "A group of people called The Company are after you. I find people with gifts, and help keep them safe."

"I know they're after me, and not only because I have an ability." Caroline paused, the blonde taking a deep breath. "It's because the President is my dad... I'm Caroline."

Caroline tore her eyes away from Blaise and looked towards the water, pointing her finger out and had the very tip touch the water. After a couple of seconds it began to slowly freeze, Caroline giving a small smile as the water turned completely into ice.

"You're not the only one who can do things with water." Caroline whispered, the smile still on her face. After a few seconds her smile faded however, dropping her hand back onto the table. "You said that you help people with abilities... I don't think it's such a good idea if you to help me. I'm the President's daughter, so everyone is looking for me... I would only put you in danger."

Caroline felt the ground suddenly begin to shake as she looked around in alarm, the sound of the windows shattering then being heard. It happened so fast that Caroline didn't have time to process it as darkness suddenly consumed the entire bagel shop, the blonde expecting to be hit with shards of glass but it never happened. After a few moments the darkness suddenly went away as the glass fell to the floor, Caroline seeing that a girl with long brown hair was controlling the shadows.

"You're one of them!" said the woman on the other side of the counter, her finger pointing right at the brunette. "You're one of the freaks! I'm calling The Company!" The brunette along with a male teen suddenly left, Caroline quickly standing up and looking around the shop. It was then that she fully caught sight of the male who had been sitting in the corner, her jaw clenching.

"I'm sorry." Caroline said to Blaise as she looked towards him. "I have to go." Caroline then quickly left the shop, her brother Alex following right behind.

"Do you know how much of a pain you are?" Alex growled as he caught up with Caroline a few blocks away from the bagel shop, shoving his sister into a dark alleyway.

"You're the one who keeps following me!" Caroline growled back as she backed in deeper into the alley, her back hitting a wall of a building which prevented her to move any further. "How did you even find me?"

"I paid your little friend from Texas a visit. Her mind was so easy to read." Alex responded as Caroline stood there frozen.

"I swear if you had hurt her..."

"I didn't hurt her." Alex chuckled, pulling out a handgun from his belt and pointed it at Caroline. "I killed her." Caroline felt the tears sting her eyes as she fought them back, staring at her brother coldly.

"Are you going to kill your own sister too?"

"If you refuse to come back home with me, then yes." Alex responded.

"I'm never coming home. Don't you get it? I don't want to be part of a family that captures innocent people and experiments on them!" Caroline shouted, the tears in her eyes sliding down her cheeks.

"So you're really not going to come home?" The gun in Alex's hand began to shake, the two siblings staring at each other.

"No." Caroline said in a flat tone, to which Alex pulled the trigger. The bullet shot forward and hit Caroline dead center in the stomach, the blonde collapsing on the cold ground as she gasped for air. The pain was excruciating, Caroline trying her best not to scream. Alex then shot her again, this time in the chest where the bullet missed her heart by only a fraction of an inch. The male then ran from the scene, leaving his younger sister to bleed out as she fell unconscious.
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