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Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
A Bar for the Supernatural
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Lisa rubbed her scaled temples. She heard the familiar sound of Dalton's voice. She acknowledged his presence with a subtle gaze as he said something about a vampire tracking blood.

He seemed to leave, and she watched when he and his phantom double roamed to a stranger. It was quite a surprise to her when he pulled a gun on the stranger and shot him. This seemed to cause a bit of an uproar as it seemed that multiple patrons got up to attack him.

Lisa pushed herself up to her feet. She stared at the moving phantoms. Her dazed eyes watched as she moved closer. Her clumsy stride allowed her to approach quickly. Her tail struggled to preserve balance. It flailed into patrons and their beverages knocking them over.

She attempted to grapple one of the vampires, but struck a miss tearing at air. She quickly attempted another phantom reaching flesh she leapt forward onto the vampire. She tore at this blurred opponent. She was unsure of what she tore, but the subject appeared dead enough.

As she was rising another thing slammed into her. She found herself on her back with her wings unfurled and in the air. She guessed it was another of the vampires... or the same one. She couldn't be sure. She just felt a tickle on her nose from dust perhaps. What was important was that she needed to sneeze.

Whatever had jumped her was now covered in flame that came with the sneeze of the intoxicated dragon. She struck towards the chest of her assailant and broke through something hard. She clawed around attacking the important organs in the chest cavity. She pulled her hand out of her assailant who fell dead. She could feel discomfort from her hand. She clumsily got to her feet. She looked around no longer sure which shadow was Dalton or pair of shadows that he could be.

She stood puzzled trying to discern what to do now. In her daze she felt something hit her in the gut forcing her to stagger. She recovered from the hit quickly and mauled whoever had delivered it. She lost time as she felt a pang of pain in her head. She cringed holding her head. It seemed the fighting had calmed down. At least from her view of shadows jumping and moving.

She began to shift her form. It was slow and painful and her newly developing headache was of no help. She sat cringing in her human form. Her knees up to her chin and her hands clasping her head, she looked rather miserable scanning the room restlessly. She found herself once again in the Ladies room as her body attempted to purge itself of alcohol in one of its less mysterious and least pleasant ways.

As soon as she had finished she began to look for Dalton, but seeing many slow moving shadows, that endeavor became rather difficult. She ended just about where she began ironically. She sat at the counter cringing her head.

Crossroads Demon, does not care about Secrecy
Some Bar in Chicago
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow, Eternal Moonlight (If they care to spot Ozgmog)

Corbos sat fairly amused as a fight broke out amongst patrons. It was quite pleasing to him. Of course he would have preferred the pathetic gun toting half-vampire to have been ripped apart, he did not intervene and accepted the outcome as it was. The only real nuisance to him was that the rising beast had sent his full wine glass into the air.

He noticed his dog had fetched the soul he had came for, so he would finish wasting his time here.

He whistled and something darted into the building through the door. It moved quickly and despite its rather loud entrance. It went unnoticed by many patrons, and he hurried it along as it stopped to bark at patrons that it believed had noticed it. As soon as his hound had reached him, he departed. His departure was the equivalent of simply disappearing in a puff of smoke. One moment he was there and the next he was home on Hell's highway to a new destination.
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