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Name: Blackthorne
Race: Argonian
Location: Riften
Currently: goin to work
Perspective: Third
Arpers: CM, Cobalt Shadow

Blackthorne gazed up at the sky. She heard the roar just as Menora had.

"I think there's a dragon headin' our way. I'm goin' ta warn Jarl Laila of the possible threat. Go to the Guild and tell 'em ta stay in the Flaggon, less they want to throw their lives away from some glory they cannot achieve. They ain't dragon slayers."

She looked over at Menora and nodded. "Okay...
She noticed Menora rushing away. "Hopefully no dragons attack..."

She began to run to the ratway entrance. As she ran she heard a good bit of crashing on the upper walkway where the Marketplace would be. She ran a little faster, jumped and snagged a bit of the upper walkway accross from the ratway on the lower walkway. She pulled herself up enough to see into the marketplace.

She saw would could be a dragon, and then confirmed by a streak of flame. She could hardly see what it could be that was fighting the beast. She could see the outline of a khajit, perhaps, but that assumption was based on the thick tail. Her grip slipped, and she nearly took another swim. She pulled herself up hearing the wind howl. There were what seemed to be bones where the dragon was. She could have sworn she heard another roar after it had died.

"Damn... It was killed by a cat?" She spoke quietly to herself. She lept down and jumped back near the Ratway. She ran in past the gate. The usual regulars down her were typical thugs and muck thriving lunatics. Seeing the bridge in its raised state, she cursed to herself under her breath.

She jumped down, and instead of taking the long route around.... and getting lost like the last time, she decided to try and pick a lock. She twirled a pick slowly around the lock listening to the tumblers. She listened to how they moved and began to turn the lock. It was tedious moving it so slowly, but it payed off because, although she was close, she would have broken that pick. She adjusted slightly and tried again. The lock was picked and the door swung open.

She walked through and climbed the steps. She bounded over a table sitting in the center off the room. She lowered the bridge and turned about. She rushed down to the Ragged Flagon.

Upon entering she took a moment to look around. "Nothing changed here. Pleasant..." She ran around over to Delvin. Despite not dripping water, it was obvious enough that she had been in the waterway.

"A fine evening for a swim, ain't it?"

The voice of Delvin reached her unsuspecting ears. "Did you..." The look on Blackthorne's face made the rest of her question obvious.

"You could say I arranged for it. My personal way of saying, get your ass up and get to work!"

Blackthorne nearly rolled her eyes with an annoyed expression. "I'm going to check in with Tonillia, I have some hot property on hand."

"Alright, be sure to talk to me afterwards, I have a special little job for you."

She gazed back at Delvin for a moment before she continued walking away.
She walked over to where the fence did her work. "What will you give me for these?" Blackthorne layed down various objects. Jewelry, gems, and goblets seemed to be the most common objects. It was mostly small, light objects.

The fence examined the loot for a moment. "I'll give you fifty gold for the lot."

Blackthorne shrugged, she knew it had much more worth than that, but she figured the guild will surely get its share, and it will get Delvin off her back for a little while. She didn't want any news getting further than him. "Fair enough." She accepted the fifty gold and walked back to Delvin who was just about laughing.

"You do know you could have driven that up to double that measley amount."

She almost smirked. "Yeah... I don't really care... What was your job for me?"

He cut down his smile. "As you may know, the Companions have been seeking 'artifacts' of Ysgramor. Well intel we recieved, earlier today gave the location of a certain soup spoon. The Soup Spoon of Ysgramor. It should be in Windhelm, in a building known as Calixto's House of Curiousities. It would be safe to say that if we acquired such an object, we could ransom it for a sum of gold. Of course you would get a cut."

"Uh Huh... Windhelm?.. Windhelm?"

"Yes, Windhelm. The problem is?"

"It is so cold in Windhelm!"

"Pleny of your kind live there. Quit your whining and get it done!"

"... Fine..." Blackthorne turned and began walking away.

"Oh, and you should know that the spoon is actually a dwemer fork."

Blackthorne raised a brow. "Of course it is. Oh and Menora's back, and she thinks it would be wise to stay in doors with dragons near Riften."

She picked up her feet and ran out of the Ragged Flagon and took off and out of the Ratway.

She stood on the lower walkway. She figured it would be safe enough out here since there was already remains of one dragon in the Marketplace. She climbed up to the upper docks and looked over at Honorhall Orphanage. "Gods, I hope the next dragon burns that place to the ground."

Name: Norik Oakskin
Race: Breton, Vampire
Location: To a Vampire infested tower! ONWARD!
Currently: not in the mood for rivals on home turf
Perspective: third
Arpers: Teddiursa of the Sky

Norik moved quickly on foot. He thanked the Steed, as he did often, for it kept him on his feet despite his heavy armor. He could see the old ruined tower. He crouched down. He knew sneaking around in the shadows was not his best skill, but he figured it would help at such a distance. He moved closeer examining everything that moved. It was evident that the tower was in use.

He moved closer watching the human-shaped figures gad about unaware of his slow arrival. He grabbed his bow. He docked an arrow as if preparing to fire. He moved a little closer.

Something felt wrong. He spun and sent a thrall sprawling with a steel-clat fist. He smacked the thrall with his bow before putting it away. He pulled his shield from his back and cast a spell. In a moment a transparent, purple blade glowed in his hand. He stabbed downward ensuring that the thrall would not return to his feet.

He turned swiftly again and thus parried the blow of a second thrall and smacked him with his shield. He slashed at the thrall a few times and then kicked the thrall to the ground. He poked the blade through the thrall whom fell to the ground like a stone.

He made enough of a ruckus. He had to move quickly. He sprinted to the tower using its bulk as a shield from eyes and spells. He could smell freshly opened wounds.

He peered around a doorway. Two thralls were guarding it. It was obvious from their bandages they were wounded. He put his shield down for a moment. He charged a spell in both hands. He launched it at the table between the thralls. In a moment they had both burst into flames and had fallen out of their chairs. He readied the spells individually and released again. Niether of the thralls seemed as if they would be capable of rising, so he lifted his shield and continued. He quickly encountered a vampire wishing to stop him. This vampire already had a wound on his hand, which Norik took advantage of. He had grasped the hand and squeezed it. His might caused considerable pain to the vampire.

He knocked the vampire to the ground and lit him like a candle with a simple flame spell. He continued burning the vampire until he was satisfied with his results.

He moved downward, having decided to sweep the basement before climbing the tower. His discovery was a young Imperial. More of a guess based from armor than actual appearance. He looked around the room. "Gods this place is a mess."

"So, you are what was on their menu? You wouldn't mind helping me finish up here would you?" He chuckled to himself. The glow of his eyes could just be made out through his steel plate helmet.

Name: Gorvesh Hammerfist
Race: Orc, Werewolf
Location: in a carriage bound for Whiterun
Currently: traveling
Perspective: First
Arpers: no one yet

By Malacath this is boring. I should have just traveled by foot back. This is faster of course, but I do not like sitting here waiting.

At least it is warmer here at least. I may be out of the vicinity of that frozen city. Why one would live somewhere so cold... I do not understand.

Hmm... Deer and Elk, just off the road. This would be ample hunting grounds. And the nearest settlement is still quite far. Yes I could hunt here.

I wonder how far out we are now. Would we be reaching Whiterun soon? I would doubt it despite the weather having improved.

Of course I would have this fork to hand in. Which of them wants it is beyond me.

It may be old Kodlak. He may have interest is such oddities.

Perhaps Skjor... somehow I doubt it.

The hunting here may be good though. I should consider coming here for it.

I may have to bring Aela. She could appreciate a good hunt.

I wonder what else is here to hunt.
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