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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Chandler Steele and Dalton Amaro
For Secrecy
Affected RPers: Just about everyone in the bar

Chandler struggled to hide his excitement when Serena said they could go. He managed to contain himself, and began walking towards the bar Dalton mentioned. Chandler still kept an eye on Serena, making sure she wasn't struggling too much to walk the distance.

After an hour of walking, they arrived at the bar, and found Dalton sitting by the counter.

"So you came!" Dalton said, hiding a smile.

"We aren't making any promises, we just want to find out a bit more." Chandler responded.

"Well you might want to wait for me outside. I just heard the vampire I am hunting at the moment will be here later tonight. Things might get messy." Dalton said, giving his car keys to Chandler, "Your choice."

Chandler took the keys, and thought about what to say. Until he heard a voice behind him say excuse me.

In the doorway stood a tall, pale man with short black hair, wearing suit. He had crimson eyes, and short fangs were visible at his lips.

As he walked past, he seemed to notice Serena most of all out of the three of them, but continued to walk over to the counter.

Dalton Amaro

"And I think that is the vampire. Edward. He reeks of blood." Dalton told Chandler.

"Edward, I am sorry to tell you the bad news. We are out of human blood. We don't get more until tomorrow night. We have veal blood however." said the Bartender, shaking as if he expected to be killed.

"I will have to settle for that then won't I?" said the vampire, with a sour look on his face. He took his glass, and walked over to a table on the opposite side of the room, a few meters away from Lisa.

Dalton walked over to the counter, and asked for a bottle of the veal blood. He paid for it, and took the bottle and the glass, and sat next to Lisa, pouring himself a glass, then putting the bottle in his bag.

"The vampire I have been tracking is a few meters away from us. Just letting you know things will get bloody." Dalton said to Lisa, as he finished his drink.

Dalton closed his eyes, and attempted to listen to Edward's conversation. It all seemed irrelevant to what he wanted to know, except one comment that surprised him.
"My cousin got into a bit of trouble in Vancouver a few months back. Got a bit to careless with a girl. Ended up killing her. The girl over by the bar with the teenager looks a lot like her."

Dalton looked over to the bar, and saw the girl with Chandler.

"I will talk to her later. Right now I have to kill Edward." Dalton thought to himself. He grabbed his gun, and kept it hidden, then walked towards Edward.

"Are you Edward of the Blood Angels?" Dalton asked.
Edward seemed somewhat surprised.
"I haven't heard anyone mention the Blood Angels in years. Yeah I'm Edward. And you are?" Edward replied.

"The son of Stefan and Mary Amaro. Your worst nightmare." Dalton said, as he pulled the gun out of his jacket, and aimed it at Edwards head, pulling the trigger, ending Edward's life with a bang.

Chandler Steele

Chandler watched Dalton get out of the seat next to the lizard woman, and walk over to the vampire. They spoke for a few seconds, then Dalton did something that shocked Chandler. Dalton pulled out a gun, and shot the vampire in the head.

There were screams from around the building, as other people, who Chandler assumed were also vampires got up and attacked him. Dalton pulled a knife out of his sleeve, and lit a flame on his hand. He fought one vampire, while another snuck up on him.

"Dalton's car is the white ute out the front." Chandler said to Serena giving her the keys, "Go wait out there if you want. Dalton looks like he could use some help."

Chandler extended the chains from his sleeves, and flicked them towards the vampires, as he ran towards the pack of them to help Dalton.

"Do most of your jobs end up like this?" asked Chandler, as he hit one of the vampires over the head.

"Only the fun ones." Dalton responded, shooting at someone who tried to attack him.

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