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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [RP]

Affected RPers: Anyone in Riften who wants to be

"I guess that dragon was closer than I thought." Kyoshi thought, as he ran inside his house, as he heard the dragon roar, sounding very close to the city. Kyoshi ran in the door, and pulled the handle on the inside of his front door towards him, activating the hidden entrance to his attic. He closed his door, as a section of his ceiling fell down revealing a staircase. Kyoshi ran up, into the attic as the staircase was raised to the roof again. He stood inside a hidden room which had a manikin, holding his Glass Armour, and weapon racks which held his weapons. Kyoshi put on his armour, and grabbed his weapons, and opened the window from his attack, using his bow and grapping hook to pull himself onto a nearby building.

After a few minutes, Kyoshi stood on top of the building, scanning the town, and past the town walls. The dragon wasn't visible. Suddenly there was another roar. Kyoshi looked up, and saw a giant winged beast dive down from the clouds. Kyoshi stood back in shock, and lost his balance, falling and sliding down the roof. Kyoshi grabbed his grappling hook, and threw it as hard as he could. It latched onto a firm tile, and Kyoshi pulled himself up.

When he reached the rooftop again, Kyoshi looked down from the building where he was standing. He overlooked the marketplace, which was being attacked by the dragon, which was flying around it.

Kyoshi activated his Dragonskin spell, then drew his war axes. He took a few steps back, then ran towards the edge, jumping from the building, towards the Dragon. Kyoshi landed on it's left wing, digging his axes into it, attempt to hit the muscle that lined the main bones. The Dragon roared in pain as it flew towards the ground, crashing. The Kyoshi did to its wing stopped it from flying. The dragon swung it's tail, destroying stands in the market. Kyoshi ran to the front of the Dragon, and swung his war axes. Suddenly the dragon flicked it's head forward and twisted it, grabbing Kyoshi in it's jaws. It closed it's mouth, crushing Kyoshi's armour with the massive force from its jaws. The only thing keeping Kyoshi alive was his Dragonskin spell, which left him with only what seemed like some small stab wounds. Kyoshi still felt the pain of it though.

The dragon dropped Kyoshi, who stood back up. The Dragon opened his mouth, flames firing from it. Kyoshi felt his fur burn, but ran forward, swinging his axes. He slammed his left one onto the Dragon's head, then his right across the Dragon's face. The dragon stopped breathing fire, and Kyoshi pulled his axes out, swinging them over head, then forcing them into the dragon's skull, killing it.

The dragon was dead, the marketplace was destroyed, and Kyoshi was burnt, stabbed, and barely able to move. His armour was completely destroyed.

"I need a damn holiday." Kyoshi thought, as he attempted to limp away. Suddenly there were vicious winds, and the dragon seemed to burn. It burnt until there was only bones, and light and wind flowed from the Dragon towards Kyoshi.

Suddenly there was another dragon roar.
"Somebody else can take care of it." Kyoshi thought, as he went to his house, drinking as many health potions as he could, still feeling the pain.

Kyoshi took off his destroyed armour, and bandaged his wounds, then went into a deep sleep...

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