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Menora the True Shot
Nord Werewolf
ARPers: Dragotech
Menora only laughed as her fellow Guild member swam out of the water. "I wish I could lay claim to it, but sadly no. I got back this mornin' and slept the day away. Feel free to ask Iona if ya don't believe me," she said before the argonian jumped up to her level. "I was just headin' to the Guild when I heard someone takin' a swim."

It was then her teasing demeanor changed. A passing guard got onto Blackthrone as soon as she leaned against the railing when the hunter had been doing that vary thing for a few minutes now. No matter what Hold she was in Menora did not like guards. Especially if guards were nords like herself. She may be giving her spirit to Hircine for his hunting grounds when she passes on, but she is still a nord despite her beast blood. She was proud of her nordic blood, but she didn't seem to share her kinsmen's point of view about the other races. When her companion made a comment about the guard then apologized for it, the werewolf simply shrugged.

"No offense taken. I seem to be one of the very few nords who ain't holdin' on to our ancestors' dislike for the other races."

Menroa watched as the argonian then jumped the railing, which made her think that the other thief would be taking the Ratway entrance. However not everyone in the Guild used the cemetery entrance that lead straight into the Cistern, not as often as the nord huntress did anyway. She nodded to her companion, about to head to the Cistern entrance since she hard to report directly to Mercer before speaking with Delvin and Tonillia, until something caught her interest instead.

Much louder this time around a roar sounded, causing the hunter to looked up at the sky. By the volume of the sound it had gotten quite a bit closer. She didn't like the feeling she was getting. Instinct was taking over, meaning her inner wolf was starting to surface just enough to warn her. She felt the wolf growl, the fight or flight instinct wanting to drive her. But she couldn't just go and hunt it or run and leave the city. She had to warn the Jarl. Another roar sounded, just slightly louder than before. So the dragon was flying at a slow pace. Or it changed directions. Either way she couldn't take the chance. She then leaned over the railing again, seeing that Blackthorne hadn't goon to far.

"I think there's a dragon headin' our way. I'm goin' ta warn Jarl Laila of the possible threat. Go to the Guild and tell 'em ta stay in the Flaggon, less they want to throw their lives away from some glory they cannot achieve. They ain't dragon slayers."

It was obvious Menora was nervous for more of her unusual accent sounded in her voice. She knew that out of most of the Thieves Guild she was one of the more experienced fighters thanks to her hunting experiences. The others would rather flee than fight, so it would be best they stay in the safety of the Ragged Flagon. Also it would be wise for her to ask the aid of Mijoll the Lioness if what she suspects is true. She was a very skilled warrior, and her assistance would be much appreciated. She was one of the few people she knew she could trust to have her back, even though she has yet to retrieve the warrior's beloved blade. She was sure that the guardsmen only respected her for her title, but as soon as danger reared its head then it would be every man for himself.

Of all the times for Riften to be attacked by a dragon it had to be now, she mentally growled as she then turned to run to Mistveil Keep, another roar echoing in the distance.
((OoC: Will post as my other characters next post. Not happy with how their parts are coming along so to get the story moving I'm just posting as one for now until I'm happy with the others'.))
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