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Pokémon: Project Gray

Chapter 10: Return

The smell of smoke was still apparent even though the young trainers were inside of the Pokemon Center on Cinnabar Island. The warmth of the building was comforting to them, but they were still soaked to the bone. Scarlett wrapped her arms around her body, attempting to warm her chilled skin. The nurse gasped softly when she noticed the four drenched trainers and stood up from her chair.

"Blaine! What on earth happened? I heard an explosion that came from Seafoam Island and I was praying for your safety!" the nurse said while approaching them.

"Don't worry. Most of us made it out safely, though I do not believe it is wise to stay here anymore." the old man responded. His expression appeared to be saddened.

"Most of you?" asked the nurse as she covered her mouth.

"The rest of my pokemon were in the cave during the explosion. I was not able to get them out in time." Blaine paused to take a mournful sigh. "My Magmar made it out safely though." he said while he pulled the single pokeball out of his pocket.

"All of us made it out safely." Sabrina said as she dropped a large bag onto the floor, then opened it. She pulled out a smaller bag and held it close to her while she approached Blaine. A smile appeared on her face when she placed the bag in Blaine's wrinkled hands, noticing that he was definitely awestruck. His eyes began to water when he opened it. Inside contained all of his pokeballs; all of which he thought he lost in the explosion.

Sabrina's smile grew larger when Blaine's frown curled into a joyful grin. "I saw the fate of the Seafoam Island. I knew that the cave would crumble, so I rushed inside to grab as many things as I could before its demise."

"Heh.. Well, aren't we lucky to have a psychic on our side." Blue said sarcastically while walking towards the bag. He took a peek inside and the sight almost caused most of his anger to disappear. Sabrina managed to grab a large amount of food, medical supplies, and a few of their own personal belongings. Blue pulled his own backpack from the bag and gave the psychic a simple nod, thanking her for what she had done.

Blaine thanked her from the bottom of his heart as well, and stated that this was a sign of hope.

"Hey Nurse! We need our pokemon healed!" Blue said, interrupting the moment of happiness.

Cinnabar Island's nurse nodded and returned to the medical desk. The Viridian gym leader had no patience at this time, so he took the opportunity to go first.

The rest of the trainers lined themselves up behind Blue, and waited their turn to get their own pokemon healed.

"After everyone is healed, you should leave." Blaine said while giving the nurse a stern look. "We are being pursued, and they will most likely come here to find us. They are a dangerous bunch, and it would be best if you left the island. I will be leaving for the time being anyway, and without a gym, even less people will come here. "

The nurse appeared to be disappointed, though she trusted Blaine and agreed to leave once their pokemon were back to their full strength.

X~ Meanwhile, black smoke still lingered in the sky above Seafoam Island, and damaged rocks continued to roll down from a large pile of shattered stone; stones that used to make up half of the cave. Lt. Surge could care less if any of his allies were wounded. He forced his grounded accomplices to their feet and ordered that they pursue "the criminals" before they got away.

The former Vermilion gym leader knew that Blaine would be an asset to their team, especially since he was the wisest of them all and would benefit his men greatly. He definitely wanted Blue captured, but his reasoning was different than his desire to apprehend the old Cinnabar gym leader. Even if Blue Oak was the strongest of all of the gym leaders of Kanto, Surge only desired for him to rot in prison for the rest of his life. Even the thought of ending the troublesome boy's life would sneak into his mind, and it was strangely satisfying to the man.

With a few of their winged pokemon, the injured group was able to make it off of the crumbling island, but their new destination was Cinnabar Island, for it was the closest place where they could properly rest.

X~ Scarlett was surprisingly happy to be away from the islands and onto the main body of Kanto. Sabrina, Blue, Blaine and her were able to heal their pokemon with no problems and retreated from Cinnabar Island. Her trusty Jolteon was by her side once more, full of energy and it definitely appeared to be excited to be outside of its pokeball. The trainers returned their water-typed pokemon to their pokeballs since their surfing duties were complete, and continued to walk towards a few small trees that outlined the shoreline.

Lead by Blue, they made their way to a small town that seemed to be quiet and empty. The ground that used to be drenched because of the previous storm was finally beginning to dry with the aid of the now visible sun. Though Sabrina and Blue appeared to be much happier to be in this new area, the silence of the town was unsettling to Scarlett. In other places that she would visit, she normally heard the singing of pokemon and the chatter of the people who were residents or tourists. The only thing that could be heard here was the grass crunching underneath their shoes "Where are we?" asked the blonde girl.

"Home sweet home." Blue replied, "This is Pallet Town." his voice lowered to a growl. "I wonder if..he is back yet."

"Who?" Scarlett mouthed to Blaine when Blue was not looking. The older man shrugged, and kept his mouth closed. If the young man was talking about his grandfather or his sister, the wise Cinnabar gym leader did not wish to upset him further by talking about them in his presence.

"I'll be right back." Blue murmured while sprinting towards the largest structure in the vicinity; his grandfather's laboratory.

"If this is Pallet Town, then this must be where Professor Oak lives! I've heard great things about him! Is that his lab? Wow, I have to meet him!" Scarlett giggled while her and the other remaining trainers patiently waited for Blue's return. Her excitement surprised Sabrina since it was the first time she had been cheerful since they joined forces.

Before the spirited blonde gave chase to Blue, Blaine gently gripped her shoulder, stopping her in her tracks. "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid your wishes will not be fulfilled today, dear."

"Huh?" Scarlett blinked in confusion as she turned towards the wise old man.

"I assume that Prof. Oak has been captured by the same group who is pursuing us." he explained while staring at the handle of his wooden cane.

"But why would they go after him? He is innocent!" Anger began to rise within Scarlett, and the volume of her words definitely revealed her growing rage to the others.

"Yes, but Lt. Surge is after Blue. Capturing Oak was most likely his idea of weakening Blue mentally in order for an easier capture. It is such a sick way of trying to lure him in. "

"What does Blue have to do with Prof. O-"

"Blue is Professor Oak's grandson."

Scarlett's eyes widened in amazement and she stood in silence for a minute, trying to absorb the new information. "Whoa.." she started. "small world." Her amusement was cut short when she thought of what the young gym leader could be going through because of the lost of his grandfather.

The sound of breaking glass caught all the trainer's attention. Naturally, they scanned the area to find the source of the loud noise, and eventually, multiple crashes echoed throughout the town.

"The lab!" Sabrina yelled while darting towards the building with Scarlett and Blaine close behind. They pushed the large metal doors open to see that the inside of the infamous laboratory was shrouded in mayhem and chaos. A few desks were broken in half, research papers that had caught on fire covered the floor and a few areas of the walls were black with burn marks which surprisely darkened the bright room. Behind the madness were five men who were clothed in black uniforms and each had a pokemon that appeared to be battling against Blue's Nidoking. Judging by the sluggishness of the unfamiliar men's creatures, it was obvious that Blue was winning and did not require assistance.

"Smokescreen!" one of the strangers ordered his pokemon. A screech rang throughout building as a thick blanket of smoke covered the lab, causing the trainers to be unable to breathe or see. To their advantage, Blue was able to summon his Pidgeot and the large bird immediately cleared away the dark gas with the powerful gust created by its wings. Once they were able to see, the five uniformed men had disappeared from the building.

"Heh..Why am I not surprised." Blue grumbled while returning both his Pidgeot and Nidoking.

Scarlett's face was covered in confusion. "Was that..."

"Team Rocket? Yes." Sabrina interrupted.

"I thought they disbanded years ago." the blonde wondered.

"Well, it didn't stop em from stealing tons of stuff today!" the angered gym leader said while kicking over a chair. "They must have heard that Gramps wasn't around." He glared at a few people who were standing in the far left corner of the room who were dressed in white lab coats; Prof. Oaks assistants. "What's wrong with you people?! What would have happened if I wasn't here?" Blue yelled at the seemingly frightened scientists, assuming that they just watched in fear instead of taking action.

Blaine approached the furious young man and pulled him away from the aides. The Cinnabar gym leader was beginning to worry about how rashly he was acting. He had always been so collected before and rarely let anything pressure him emotionally. The kidnapping of his sister and grandfather had obviously taken its toll on Blue, and Blaine was able to see it clearly. "Calm down, son. I'm sure they did all they could." he reassured him. He focused his attention to the assistants who were obviously disappointed because of the raid. "I suggest that you contact people who will be able to help you guard the lab until Professor Oak returns."

"It's not just us who needs help. These attacks are getting worse.." one of the assistants replied sternly. "Ever since the Celadon Game Corner accident, there has not been a peaceful week."

Sabrina closed her eyes in response to the assistant's statement. She had seen visions of future accidents taking place all over Kanto, but remained quiet since she was skeptical of the thought of helping every single living creature who needed assistance in the region.

Scarlett felt a trace of fear rising in her heart. What on earth was going on? "How many things can possibly happen in such a short time? We weren't even on the islands that long."

"If the attacks are continuing, that means there are more people involved besides Lt. Surge. Team Rocket has to be behind all of this." Blue replied.

One of the assistants nodded his head in response. "No.. I have heard that a large creature is what's responsible for destroying Celadon Game Corner. Why would Team Rocket destroy a building that they practically owned at one point plus, the amount of damage done in that area was immense. It is surprising that we even had any survivors at all. The property was completely annihilated and witnesses said that it all happened in only a few seconds. How could they gain so much power to destroy something so quickly in such a short time? Surely, someone would have noticed Team Rocket since they work in numbers."

"If it was so large, why didn't anyone see what caused it?" Sabrina asked.

"I'm afraid that I do not know too much about the accident except for that the creature was large and extremely fast. Residents of Celadon described it as a white blur."

"What if Lt. Surge really wanted you guys to help stop these attacks? Why are we running from someone who could possibly stop all of this?" Scarlett whimpered. " I've done nothing wrong, but I feel like I criminal. Maybe we should just join up with him and maybe this will all stop."

"You can't be serious." Blue snapped. "That man is sick! Someone who tries to do the right thing does not kidnap or hurt people if they don't get their way!"

The blonde couldn't help but slightly agree with him. She did watch the lieutenant harm Sabrina when she refused to assist him. His actions were definitely unorthodox, but Scarlett barely knew any of her new companions. Blue and Sabrina might have done things that caused Lt. Surge to use force against them. She did not know who to trust anymore. "Well, I'm not going to be apart of this. I'm going back home."

"I won't stop you.." Blue countered, then walked towards one of the computers located in the front of the room.

"That is a bad idea, Scarlett." Sabrina said lowly. "If Blue's family was kidnapped because of his rebellion, who's to say that your family will be spared? Since you are not from here, you are at an advantage, but we never know who may be watching us. You might be followed and your family would be put in danger."

A distraught sigh escaped the blonde's lips. 'I could not risk it.' she thought. Scarlett regretted being so curious about the old woman back at the groomer's shop in Fuchsia City. If she wouldn't have visited Sabrina, she wouldn't even be apart of this mess. She wished to back in Ecruteak City, living her own life without the stress of being pursued and harmed. Many negative thoughts swirled within her mind.

"Even if you never met up with us, you would still be involved." the psychic whispered.

"Stay out of my head." Scarlett growled.

"Everyone in Kanto is now involved, and I know that the people of Johto will soon experience similar attacks."

Assuming that Sabrina had more visions of the future, Blaine realized the seriousness of this growing threat. "You are a powerful trainer, Scarlett and if Sabrina is right, we will need all the help that we can get. Together, we can put a stop to this problem before it transforms into something that we cannot control. I suppose that we are all here for a reason; it is fate that created this alliance."

Jolteon nuzzled its trainer's leg to reassure her that everything would be okay and to signal that it was okay to be join up with the gym leaders. Scarlett glanced down at her electric fox, surprised that her pokemon felt comfortable with these people, then her gaze returned to Sabrina and Blaine. "Fine." she mumbled, finally agreeing to stay.

Blaine gave her a smile and a thumbs up, which actually made the young blonde smile in response. Blue was indifferent about her decision, and approached the trainers once more when he finished up with the PC.

"What were you doing, Blue?" the Cinnabar gym leader asked as he twirled his mustache with his index finger.

"Switching out a Pokemon. I think we gave plenty of psychic types with us already," he responded while glancing at Sabrina, "so I put my Alakazam back in the PC. Let's go to Pewter City. We should see if Brock knows anything about these attacks and maybe he'll join us."

"Good idea. Well, let's be off then." Blaine replied. "Call for assistance and make sure you gather enough pokemon to guard the lab, alright?" he told the lab assistants before they made their way out of the gym. When Scarlett and the gym leaders stepped outside, they were greeted the warm sunlight that they all missed.

Blue eyed a certain house that was located on the right side of the edge of the town. He stared at it while they walked through the quiet area, contemplating whether or not he should take action. "Maybe we should.." he trailed off. "Nah. He probably isn't home anyway."

The others quickly shrugged off the Viridian gym leader's comment, and soon they were within the first route of their journey; a journey that held many mysteries and dangers that were just waiting for skillful trainers to step into their territory.
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