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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by CM View Post
*clicks link, sees title*

You read the plot?

*lets it load then listens*

Omg... I don't know what to say... I love how you read it. I really do. It was amazing. ... That is until we got to the part where you decided to do your own thing, which was hilarious. Way to troll the GM, huh? Gotta love people X3 *shot*
The Greybeards part was inspired by the "grape stomping cheater" video that I happened to watch prior to beginning the recording. xD

As I was finished reading the plot, I noticed that the Skyrim music built up around the time I was going to read your characters... and I had said the word "or" more than I wanted to, so I decided to troll you. Glad you thought it was funny ^^

I actually haven't recorded myself in almost a year.
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