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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]


Hometown: The College of Winterhold (though he is originally from Stormhold in Argonia/Black Marsh).
Factions: College of Winterhold
Personality: For an Argonian, Sayak is rather interesting with his attitudes. Normal for Argonians might be quiet folk who like to stay out of the public eye and keep most anything to themselves, and this is a natural mindset for them; its not for nothing Argonians have found an affinity for quiet jobs, or had promise performing as thieves or assassins, all of which tended to give other races a bad, suspicious view of them. Sayak was nothing like this. He had discovered an affinity for magic in his early years, and hed built up his abilities over the years to become the powerhouse of ability and knowledge he is today. He rather liked being where the action was, where the excitement was happening, and where attention had turned, though never personally sought it for himself; he just never imagined entertaining thoughts of a quiet lifestyle. He was often smiling and excited for the day to come, especially if there was adventure involved.

When something caught his attention enough, he focused on it to a degree nearing obsession, if only because his desires for knowledge were quite insatiable. It was, in fact, that which led Sayak to joining, and eventually leading, the College of Winterhold. Since he was in the years of adolescence, his gifts for magic had risen and strengthened with consistent practice, culminating in the Master of Destruction and Conjuration who was in charge of the College (though of course he dipped his claws into each aspect of magic and has a decent understanding of each School, at the least). He doesn't shirk details when researching or studying anything; he always makes sure he exhausts every avenue of gathering information and testing before he is even remotely satisfied. Understanding is his desire, for anything found worthy of such intimate attention.

He isn't particularly religious, but he does regard the Eight with the proper respect and tithings when appropriate. He doesn't find the Daedric Princes worth worshipping, considering a good deal of them are quite evil and care little for mortals besides how to make them squirm, but he also shows the Daedra respect as well, being powerful, otherworldly beings; respect does not, however, mean he cares for them. The only Daedric Princes he will ever deign to respect more than simple acknowledgement are Azura and Meridia, the two Princes least likely to take views of mortals that could be considered evil (albeit rather strict and conniving in their own way, it's not to the detriment of mortals). A secret that Sayak keeps to himself, for obvious reasons, is his continued worship of Talos the One. It's not overt, but he offers the Ascended God tithings and respect equal to that of the Eight, just as his family had done since long before the White Gold Concordant.

In regards to the large amount of racism against Argonians in the country of Skyrim, Sayak couldn't care less. Any disparaging comments aimed at him were often met with either being ignored, or a funny quip meant to disarm the potential antagonist. Being a mage, as well as from a family loyal to the Empire even while in An-Xileel-controlled Argonia, he has grown up learning how to deal with racism and discrimination, finding ways to render it useless or to supercede it, such as his ascension to the lofty position of Archmage of the College of Winterhold. However, any antagonism shown towards a friend or companion of his will be met with a couple warnings, and, should it continue, a show of force to make them back off. He's a passionate, peaceful mage of an Argonian, but he is not one to be crossed, for he knows ways to make people back off without ever touching them.

Sayak keeps his alliance purely on the College of Winterhold, rather than the city of Winterhold, Skyrim, or the Empire whilst living in that country, and the reason is quite simple: the civil war. He finds war a tough reality, but the civil war is an especially brutal pill to swallow, considering that these brotherly nations are fighting and killing each other in a useless pit of arguments that turned violent. His ideal solution would be to mend the torn bonds and bring brothers back together, re-strengthen the bonds, and unite everyone together just as before. There is, however, one group he finds absolutely reprehensible: the Thalmor.

On the subject of being Dragonborn, he gives it little attention and little thought, keeping it to himself and hardly even worrying about it. It's not that he finds it useless or not worth the attention; in fact, it's quite the opposite. He is of the opinion that being a Dragonborn is such an incredibly powerful fact that one should show it the proper respect, rather than bandying that power about and doing as one wished. He has learned Words of Power, not many but enough to know that some may be used as forms of power he learned from the massive library at the College were called Shouts (and for very good reason). He has yet to devote time to find and study words of power, and has only unlocked the power of extremely few of the words he knows, enough for a single Shout, due to the rarity of dragon attacks and his growing refusal to devour the souls of other beings, dangerous or otherwise. The single Shout that he knows?

Darksight (Jun Miin Krein, literally "Light Eyes Sun"), allowing him to see in the darkness as if it were outdoors in the sunloght at noon. A Shout he created by pure and utter accident.
History: Sayak was born in southern Argonia in 4E 177 to two simple Argonian parents. Despite the fact that the An-Xileel were in control of Argonia and had seceded from the Empire a long time ago, the Vishras were still loyal to the Empire and thus never pledged themselves ti the An-Xileel. Despite tensions, the family continued living in Argonia for another decde and a half before they were more or less forced to leave to avoid any clahses with the ruling power in Argonia. They left without complaint and settled in Cyrodil, in the Imperial City's waterfront to live as river navigators, fishers, and divers.

Sayak was more excited, however, because being in the Imperial City put him in close proximity to the famous site of the Arcane University, from before the fall of the Mages Guild. What remained of the Guild were two factions, the Synod and the College of Whispers. He sought to learn more about magic, which he had an affinity for since his days as a youngling, He eventually found his abilities were strongest in the schools of Destruction and Conjuration, though he felt stunted in his learning from the teachers willing to teach him from the Synod and College of Whispers, which curbed his initial desires to join either faction. As the years went on in similar fashion, he realized that he had learned as much as he could from the limited knowledge of his teachers. he would have to go out on his own and learn from experience, he decided.

At the same time, the growing conflict in Skyrim, just north of Cyrodil, caught his attention; that seemed to be where the excitement lay, especially after word of attacks from dragons reached the Imperial City. It attracted Sayak to the land of the Nords more and more, and through his impromptu research he learned of the College of Winterhold, one of the oldest establishments dedicated to the arcane in all of Tamriel, and he knew he had to go there. It didn't take long to convince his parents, and within a week he was on his way to Skyrim.

Sayak took a carriage as far north as Bruma before hiking the rest of the way, since the roads to Skyrim were choked with soldiers and supplies often. He made it over the mountain pass quite easily, but as soon as he was across he encountered Thalmor agents rooting our Talos worshippers, and he was taken prisoner by the roving band on grounds of suspicious activity. They showed how little they cared for Beastkin, seeking information he of course did not have, but his answers resulted in torture nonetheless. He was released within hours of capture, though without apology or much more than the clothes on his back (which weren't the clothes he went to Skyrim with, but prisoner rags the Thalmor had given him) because the Thalmor took all his supplies, saying it was their right, and left him in the snow.

Sayak would have frozen to death if he had not successfully summoned a Flame Atronach to the realm of Mundus, his first successful attempt at summoning a creature from the Aetherium. He soon made it to Ivarstead and sold off pelts and other materials he had to get enough money to buy clothes and food, as well as a room to rent for the night. The following morning he headed out with renewed invigoration, heading Northeast towards the road to Winterhold. Along the road he was confronted by more Thalmor, and they opted to take the Argonian before them prisoner just like the last ones did; however, rather than allow himself to be tortured again, he summoned a Bound Battleaxe (which was the one Conjuration spell he really had a knack for) and laid into them, killing the patrol before the magic Justiciar could so much as fire off more than a single Firebolt. The act of killing the Thalmor somewhat disturbed him, but he felt it was necessary, not only as self defence, but also because it was obvious these roving bands of Thalmor Justiciars had a habit of taking whatever random passerby they came across as prisoners for their own sick pleasures.

Another week passed before he made it up the Northwestern coastline to the city of Winterhold. Despite having heard about the devastation the city had suffered in the event called the Great Cataclysm in the research he made on the College and its surrounding area, he was still shocked by the dilapidated state the village. The level of dislike he encountered as a visitor (since, as he was told, no one visits the village except for the College) convinced him to mostly keep to himself, until he reached the bridge to the college. A simple presentation of magic convinced the one guarding the gate to allow him entry, and within an hour he was admitted to the College as a full student.

After going through a few lessons with his teachers, they decided it was time to have a field trip to the Nordic ruins of Sarthaal, wherein they found a massive artifact the runes in the ruins called the Eye of Magnus. The Eye was taken back to the College for study, despite the misgivings of the Archmage and Sayak, who had also had a meeting with one of the elusive Psijics prior to the discovery of the Eye. Many of the teachers were all for studying the Eye, and Ancano, the Thalmor envoy in charge of watching the school, was particularly interested.

Sayak, taken under wing by Archmage Traven, delved into his research about the Eye of Magnus with a fervor, in an attempt to understand why it unsettled him so. He was able to find little, but it disturbed him. Some theories suggested that the Eye was a source of a deep magic, tied to the world itself, while others said that the orb was Mundus itself, a theory that proved maddening to even contemplate, for it suggested that they were both outside and inside the Eye. Whatever the case, it certainly housed the most immense concentration of magic ever perceived. And that could prove dangerous. In an effort to learn more, Sayak was tasked to speak to a being in the College knwon as the Augur of Dunlain, once a student at the College that had turned into something ethereal due to a magic experiment too far.

The Augur deined to speak with Sayak upon his arrival in the depths of the College, warning him about the power of Magnus, and that another power related to it, the Staff of Magnus, would be needed to counteract the Eye and remove its threat. Cautious and curious, Sayak headed to a Dwemer ruin to seek the location of the Staff of Magnus. The old city, known as Mzulft, housed a contraption meant to show on a map sources of great power in the region that became Skyrim. Inside, Sayak was met by a mage of the Synod, who obviously held contempt for Sayak for his practice of Conjuration and affiliation with the College that refused to ally with them and acknowledge the 'superiority' of the Synod. Ignoring the jibes, Sayak worked the machine until it functioned, and it displayed two sources of power that were distorting all others; the first was obviously the eye, located at the College, but the second, he surmised, had to be the Staff, located at the Labyrinthian. Sayak went to tell the Archmage about the threat posed not only to the College but to the world, and the location of the artifact that would be instrumental to stopping such a threat, but he discovered that Ancano had sealed himself in the Lecture Hall with the Eye, seeking to use its power himself. The resulting struggle ended up wounding several teachers, and killing Archmage Traven, in the explosion that created a barrier around the Hall to keep everyone away from Ancano. Sayak was particuarly devastated; the Archmage had been his personal teacher for months, and he had a deep respect for the Dunmer, only to have him crumpled like a ragdoll.

With even deeper conviction than before, Sayak headed to the Labyrinthian. Travelling to the location was dangerous, but he made it inside, and was confronted by many forces of undead, as well as a powerful, magicka-sapping voice speaking naught but venom to him. He saw visions of Archmage Traven delving into the depths from ages past, obviously a visible reminder to any who had the misfortune of spenlunking into the Labyrinthian he sought to keep shut. Down and down Sayak went, and finally confronted the source of the voice: a Dragon Priest, a lich King from before the days of Man, and he bore the Staff of Magnus. A terrible battle ensued, but there could only be one victor, and, well, as his is a history and not an obituary, you can surmise the outcome.

Sayak took from the defeated Dragon Priest the Staff, as well as his powerful mask, which, when put on Sayak's face, molded to his muzzle, and amplified the rate his Magicka restored, allowing him to cast faster and more often. Emboldened by his succss, Sayak trecked back to Winterhold, and beheld the horror of Ancano's growing power. He was practically rending reality apart while sealed inside the castle that housed the College, and the city of Winterhold was under threat from ethereal beings ripped from an entirely alternate dimension. After dealing with the anomalies, Sayak and his fellow mages turned to the huge barrier encompasing the college, using their magic and the Staff of Magus to push the shield in further and further. It wasn't long before the shield was breached and allowed them into the main lecture hall in which stood Ancano, gloating at his power granted by the Eye.

Another terrible struggle ensued between Ancano, who was made invulnerable by the Eye, and Sayak, whose magic had grown to incredible heights during his time working to stop him. Ancano had paralyzed everyone in the room, although Sayak was able to resist thanks to the Staff of Magnus. The Staff was instrumental to Ancano's defeat, sealing the power streaming from the Eye so that Sayak could deliver a PUNISHING final blow that disintegrated Ancano in the end. With his defeat, the EYe grew dormant again, and the Psijics arrived to take the Eye away from those who would use its terrible power once again. When they and the Eye were gone, the spell of paralysis lifted, and reality returned to normal.

For his efforts, as well as his shown fortitude with Magic, Sayak was named Archmage of the College of Winterhold, in Traven's honor.

With the Magnus Crisis averted, and the Psijics in possession of the Eye, things were gaining a semblance of peace once more. Winterhold was no longer hostile towards the College for stopping the corrupt Thalmor ambassador from destroying the world (even if some blamed the College for finding the Eye and allowing Ancano to try). Sayak's new position had him meeting more and more important people who visited the College from all lands and races, as well as travelling abroad for study and investigation purposes. One such instance, he was working on a project with Arniel Gane on the disappearance of the Dwemer. He gathered materials and intelligence that Arniel would otherwise have no access to, including an ancient Dwemer dagger known as Keening. The end result of the experiment, however, ended in disaster. Arniel Gane disappeared in an explosion of magical energy, seeming to have found a possible cause for the disappearance of the Dwemer by having the same happen to him. Thankfully, Sayak wasn't deprived of another friend; Arniel's soul was tied to Sayak in such a way that his Shade could still walk on Mundus if he so chose, to see sights and events as well as to assist his Archmage with advice and spells, or simply to converse on a whim. (This representation is different from the game, where Arniel's Shade is a suffering, ax-crazy, whithered being.)

Inside Sarthaal, the Eye of Magnus was guarded by a Draugr Deathlord known as Jyrik Gaulderson, according to the writ of sealing attached to the animated corpse. The passing of the Magnus Crisis reignited his curiosity into the identity of the guard and th reason for his sealing, so he delved into the library once more, finding passages in the book Lost Legends on the three sons of Archmage Gaulder and their vye for power. He decided to seek out the locations of the Gauldersons based on his research, finding the other two brothers with similar writs of sealing, as well as amulet fragments on all three.

Sayak regularly delved into the device chamber in Mzulft to seek out more sources of power, as a means to detect dangers before they become too large a threat to deal with. And in the mountains of the Northern Reach, near Markarth, a large source of power was gaining in strength. As it only showed up after his defeat of the Gaulderson brothers, he feared it was somehow related, and sought the location of the power in order to address the possible problem...
Title Application: Archmage of the College of Winterhold
Other: Sayak will obviously gain more Shouts later in the RP. Shouts confirmed to be learned: Unrelenting Force, and Summon Dragon (Vulthoryol).

Also, Sayak may be a Conjurer, but he is in no way a Necromancer; he refuses to revive the bodies of the dead to serve his will. He does not outlaw Necromancy, like the Mages Guild in Cyrodil had done before its collapse, but he himself refuses to practice such an art.
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