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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Reposting this so I can have it in two consecutive posts...

Yeah, it's that big.


Name: Sayak
Race: Argonian
Sub-Race: None (as of yet)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Archmage Sayak

Sayak-Vishra (though he prefers to go as Sayak in Skyrim, for simplicity's sake) had a rare coloring for Argonians born in their homeland of Argonia (also known as Black Marsh to the Empire). His scales over most of his body were a dark tan color (like what most modern species would consider the color of khakis). The scales along the sides and top of his snout, however, were a soft black color, and that dark shade slid along his muzzle and wrapped around his eyes as well. On his left eye, three long scars slid down in a line, as if jagged claws tried to rip his eye out in one swipe but failed. Speaking of those eyes, they were the color of liquid gold, bright and ambient. On his head, four dangerous-looking, but small spikes dominated the middle of his skull from the top down the back, each one slightly longer than the last, with two additional pairs forward of that line but on either side of the middle. Most impressively, however, two large, long spikes slid out of the back of his skull, not curled, barely curved, with dangerous points on the end of either one. Small, short spikes also lined the male's jaw line, four spikes on either side; they weren't sharp, but they were very dense, protecting Sayak's jaw from being broken with any simple brunt force. The scales on the top and back of his head were slightly thicker than those on his neck and face, a natural development for Argonians.

Sayak had a good bit of toned muscle down his chest, arms and legs, but he wasn't stocky nor bulky, obviously wasn't a powerhouse. Nonetheless, his true strength could not be gleaned merely from appearance alone, as with most others in the beast races. Despite all this, his muscles seemed to brim with power within, a testament to his nature as a mage. Beneath his clothes, his body's tannish-brown coloring continued, save for a swirl of red on the middle of his chest, much like a fireball. His right arm also had a streak of silver scales running from the shoulder down and around his arm before ending at his wrist just below the palm. His chest was defined but not overtly prominent like any human weightlifter, but it certainly seemed to be firm and strong. The amphibious reptile had no fat to be seen on his abdomen, rather thin around the waist but by no means in an unhealthy way. His legs showed a great deal more muscle and strength than his arms did, betraying the Argonianís nature to explore the rugged terrains of Skyrim on foot at all possible times, as well as his tendency to run as often as possible. (A note on his legs: more often than not his legs will be played as the normal plantigrade, but I highly prefer the digitigrade look for an Argonianís legs. Just a little tidbit of extra info.) On his hands and feet/paws, he has sharp claws (moreso on the lower pair of limbs) that are tended to and taken well care of. They canít by any means cut through thick leather, wood, or metal, but if they catch flesh, they will carve right through down to the bone, a last-resort defence for the magician, along with the thick, dexterous, rather powerful tail on his backside.

He doesnít have many scars over his body, which can mean one of two things: either he doesnít get into many fights, or most of the fights take place at a distance (or at least end before the distance is closed), and judging by the sheer sense of radiating energy from him, itís inferred to more often than not be the latter possibility. He walks with a confident air about him, but not a boastful one, showing he does have a sense of his skills and is not merely puffing out his chest unnecessarily, so to speak. He knows his limits, he knows his manners, and his gait shows this more than anything else about him.
Skills: Two-Handed, Destruction, Conjuration, Light Armor, Restoration, Archery, Alteration, Illusion
Main Inventory: Archmage Robes (worn at all times), Morokei, Staff of Magnus, Mystic Tuning Gloves, Gaulderson Amulet Fragment (all three), Keening (Dwemer crystal dagger), journal w/ spell notes, food and wineskin (including food for restoring energy from magic use).
Eligible Dragonborn: Yes

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