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Default Re: Lost my Legendary Pokemon.

Originally Posted by Tamanta View Post
Hello everyone,

I was travelling on the 4th of January at the George Best Belfast City Airport with my copy of Pokemon Pearl and I couldn't find it anywhere when I arrived. I can only asume I lost it there. I have posted online but I doubt it will ever be found. Firstly if anyone happened to be there and did find it, please get in touch.

If in the more likely instance that I will never see this copy again, I would like to appeal to some kind people to trade me some legendary Pokemon. I had a legit Darkrai, Shaymin, Jirachi, and Celebi, and would really like to get replacements, as I worked very hard to attend the events to get them and then train them up.

Also, I had a level 83 Kyogre and level 76 Mudkip from my copy of Pokemon Sapphire a level 83 Entei from Pokemon Colliseum, and I bred Feebases so would really appreciate if someone had a male and female they were willing to give me. If anyone has those and would be willing to trade I would love to hear from you.

Currently I haven't got a replacement copy of Pearl, but I do have Pokemon Platinum so could still trade.

Thank you for reading, and please help me. I have invested so much time into these Pokemon and it upsets me that I may never have them again. I am willing to pay for these Pokemon if required.
First off I am sorry for ur lose I know I would be going insane if I lost all of my pokemon which would be 700+ legit pokemon so I really feel for u. Secondly I saddly transfered all my legendaries and event pokemon from gen 4 into gen 5 and idk how many others have done the same but would like to wish u the best of luck in this search. Thirdly did u try calling the airline to see if they have ur game in a lost and found?

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