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Default Re: Red's Legion of the Necro-Horde

stupid Black/Thrash lists I said I'd make for you, Zach. also for you if you are interested, Andrew.

New Bands I've Acquired

Ammit, Antares Predator, Asenblut, Black Rock, Blackrat, Bomber, Bunker 66, Cemetery Lust, Cobra Death, Coffin Birth, Damned Grave, Darkness of Hell, Deathless Bastards, Dissolution, Distinct Cult, Erazor, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Force of Darkness, Gokbori, Grave Reaper, Hands of Doom, Hellbringer, Hellish Grave, Hot Graves, Impuration, Infant Death, Ironfist, Ketzer, Klasher, Korgull the Exterminator, La Chudra, Lapida, Lurking Evil, Malichor, Melting Flesh, Metus Crucis, Morbid Insulter, Necromessiah, Necronomicon Beast, Neutron Hammer, Order of the Gash, Ov Dust, Panther, Plaag, Promiscuity, Reveal, Riotor, Rust, Satanika, Satan's Propaganda, Scythe, Sick Violence, Slaughtered Priest, Speedhammer, Urzamoth, Vesper, Vlaar, Waseland, Weaponizer, Welkin Dust, Witching Hour, Zombiekrieg

Bands I Absolutely Love

Black Rock, Blackrat, Bunker 66, Erazor, Hot Graves, Ironfist, Ketzer, Klasher, Malichor, Panther, Plaag, Satanika, Satan's Propaganda, Scythe, Zombiekrieg

Total Collection, New and Old

not strictly Black/Thrash bands, or bands that were always Black/Thrash. this collection just fits a general broad style that we know and love.

formerly known as ReclusiveDemon

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