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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

It wouldn't be as horrifying, but it still wouldn't feel right... on the flip side, if they didn't know they were eating eggs... and told they were eating eggs... and they didn't know what kind... that would be traumatizing... lol

Oh and, Blackthorne will prolly get arrested after pushing/tossing Menora into the waterway. (srsly, who can push the thane of a city and get away with it?) Soooo when Blackthorne asks her to call the guard off, would Menora call off the guard or will Blackthorne be breaking out of prison later?

I think I will have Blackthorne visiting (commissoned to scout) Winterhold later. (Ahem, Paging the Archmage of the College of Winterhold =P)

Of course that will be after my little joking storyline of chasing down the Soup Spoon of Ysgramor... cuz Blackthorne is totally gonna have to chase it down

Gonna have Gorvesh take said soup spoon (that is totally a fork) back to Whiterun... since it is one of the "artifacts" of Ysgramor.

He will then go on a tangent to hunt down some silver hands

Norik will probably be off on a tangent of hunting other vampires in the area. Gotta control his territory and defend Falkreath since he is the Thane and all.

Sulvahdinriik will be busy being a courier. Will prolly fly over Whiterun aaaaand get shot at.
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