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Serana immediately bit her lip, obviously unsure. A bar was never the best of places, especially considering the strange nature of the man who offered the invite. She crossed her arms somewhat tightly, bringing her gaze away from Chandler and to a random crack in the sidewalk. It was rather obvious she was pondering it over.

It didnít feel or seem like a good idea, not at first. However, Chandler did make valid points; this could be beneficial to the both of them. She really didnít trust the other man, but maybe going to the bar and seeing what was going on there could at least point them in some direction. If it was a trap though, or something was to happen, Serana really wasnít up for conflict, especially feeling so weak. Too bad she didnít have the time to rest a bit, but this was a small window of opportunity.

The young woman sighed, bringing her focus back to Chandler. She knew he really wanted to go, and that made it harder to side against, although the thought of going made her very uneasy.

Another sigh, this one was a lot heavier then the last, ďMaybe we could go and see what this is all about, but we have to stay alert and carefulĒ she warned, her tone going lower toward the ending of the sentence.

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