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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Editing: Can't believe I said Markus. The names are so similar, LOL!)

Name: Seraphina (NN: Sera)
Location: In a strange room, in a strange world.
Pokemon: --
Points: 15 (+1)

As Seraphina got out of the pod, she expected to have more strength than she could muster. Just getting to the chair itself (even though Max did most of the work) was a great relief to her. In response to Max, she could only nod in response as she looked around the room.

Despite the unwanted disorientation, Sera couldn't help but take in everything of the strange room. She didn't remember the room in the confines of her memories at all, but she wanted to study every bit of it (especially once the lights kicked back on). She was a part of the real world again, and she didn't want to forget this memory like the other ones. However, Sera finally refocused on Max, taking a moment before finally saying something.

"Thank you," Seraphina hummed, smiling up at Max. With the power kicked on, it was easy to tell that her eyes looked glassy, like she was ready to break down and cry over being back in this world, where she belonged.


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