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Close to Half-Moon Mill
Affected RPers: Any sympathetic to the Stormcloak or Imperial resolves.

As a large Imperial detachment began to move to reinforce loyalist forces in Morthal, soldiers began their ever-so difficult quest to understand what was going on. Many Imperial soldiers were completely content in not knowing where they were going, tending to be the older and more experienced. The younger ones, however, continued to ceaselessly indulge their inquisitive minds.

"Tell me, what are we doing marching in this crummy weather, Edland?"

"You didn't here, Alfons? Stormcloak encampments were spotted in the ruins just to the west of Morthal," Edland replied as he adjusted his helmet. Many of the helmets were too large on the soldiers, most of the Imperials being younger than seventeen.

"Oh, well that sounds mighty fishy. How'd they get passed Whiterun?" Alfons seemed genuinely puzzled.

Edland seemed used to the slow wit of his partner, "Well, er, Alfons. It is a neutral zone. Whiterun lets anyone over their borders as long as they don't threaten the safety of the keep. Oi, and who is that guy who is following us? He is looking mighty interested in our conversation."

Alfons glanced at Asden, a hooded ranger walking silently among Imperial regulars definitely stood out among the sea of red tunics and iron armor, "I hear he is a friend of a friend of General Tulius', or something like that."

"Fat chance that will last too much longer. Whiterun's neutrality, I mean. With talk of dragons coming about, their Jarl will have to make up his mind one way or the other," Asden entered the conversation.

"Er, yeah. I hear that the dragon burnt down Helgen."

"Yeah, and that's not too far from Falkreath, so keep your eyes pealed," Asden warned the two innocent Imperials.

Suddenly an Imperial officer on horseback rode by, shouting just enough so that the entire company could hear him over the sound of a heavy rain, "Those damned Stormcloaks intercepted us! Stormcloaks ahead! Archers, spread out and prepare to rain them with our arrows!"

The process was confusing at first. All the soldiers had to remember what position they were supposed to be forming in an effort to achieve maximum effectiveness, but among the excitement of an approaching battle, many had to be reminded of their position. Asden created his own file of the numerous ranks of Imperial archers, and found himself placed next to the two soldiers Alfons and Edland. Asden looked to meet the two young soldiers' eyes, seeing the anticipation burning in their eyes. He could not help by feel sorry for the two, knowing that the violence they currently fantasize about will either bring them to their end, or haunt them for the rest of their lives.

On the elevation that all of the archers were stationed on, the entirety of the charge was witnessed. Ferocious battle cries rang out across the grass field. Before too long, the officer in charge of the archers began to shout at them, trying to order the attack but finding his voice being stolen by the powerful winds, "Fire, lads! Rain hell down upon them! Fire!"

All of the archers, including Asden, carefully placed their arrows onto their bows. Some of the very young, being fifteen or sixteen, began to shake as they held their weapons ready to fire. Some even lost hold of their projectiles before the officer was able to order the attack. When the officer finally did, the entirety of the Imperial archers let out a loud cheer as several Stormcloak swordsman collapsed with arrows protruding out of their chests. Suddenly, across the massive field on a distant incline, a sea of movement began flurrying about.

Some of the soldiers were clueless on what it was, but Asden began to caution some of the Imperials near him to look to the skies, "Alfons was it? Watch out, stop cheering. Stop it!"

The two young soldiers look bewildered. Edland began to point to the close quarters fighting folding out in the field below, "Did you not see that? We just got so many of those murderous basta-"

The distinct sound of arrows slicing through the air buzzed out, one arrow piercing Edland's neck. Asden was forced to look away as the young boy grasped the wooden shaft sticking from his throat. He continued to try and speak, but could only make a sickly gasping noise as he whimpered and collapsed, every movement he made just resulting in further blood loss. Edland's comrade rushed to his aid, "I can help you, old sod. You are going to make it, I promised mum I would-" Alfons was knocked flat on his back with an arrow in his chest.

Asden, like many of the other archers, began to run for the tree line. The accuracy and organization of the Stormcloaks took Asden by surprise. He was completely unaware of how dangerous the rebellion had actually grown. He did not expect an even fight in conventional warfare, but rather small tactical groups that were able to live off the land and infiltrate important regions. The Stormcloaks' archers seemed hellbent on obliterating the Imperial's range capabilities, and they had the numbers and skill to do it. As the Imperial rangers dashed for cover, most were left face down in muddy puddles and waterlogged grass.

The officer, seeming to finally remember how to breathe, turned to Asden, "Do you know how many made it off that and hill?"

Asden, trying to catch his breath as well, cleared his throat, his voice cracking a little as he replied, "Um, only six"

"Only six? There were fifty of us on that confounded hill. Where did all that fire come from? I can't believe that was just those little nuisances, Ulfric's boys," the officer growled with disbelief.

Asden turned to peer over the foliage of the forest, expecting to see a victorious Stormcloak army trampling over a sea of massacred Imperial soldiers. What he did see, however, terrified him alongside the other five Imperials in hiding, "D-dragon?"

A terrifying shriek caused many of the Stormcloaks to dive to the waterlogged ground, laying among the dead Imperials.

"Yol Toor Shul!" the reptilian monstrosity screeched. Suddenly, a steady beam of fire burst through the Stormcloaks, many screaming as they tried to put themselves out in the puddles surrounding them, but finding that the dragon's breath had evaporated the majority of the closer pools of water. Many laying on the ground lifted themselves up and began to retreat from which ever way they came, but the winged creature swooped down and lifted many of the Stormcloaks to unimaginable heights, letting them fall to their deaths. It even arced its trajectory to land squarely on a bunch of them, crushing them with its pure weight.

"By the Divines..." the officer said. Even the most bitter of the Imperials believed not even the Stormcloaks deserved a fate such as that. Well over two hundred of them destroyed in a matter of minutes by a fire breathing monster.

"That was a little too close," one of the surviving archers sighed.

Suddenly, a loud crashing noise echoed throughout the heavily wooded area. Asden felt himself going cold with fear. A tight and frigid feeling began to tinge his throat, "It is coming into the forest!"

"Yol Toor Shul!" the dragon began to burn through all the trees in the forest. Asden looked to his left and saw that one of the nearby trees had been uprooted just enough to expose a cramped hole, the base of the tree acting as a comfortable roof. Asden began to encourage his Imperial comrades to do the same, but they were already in too much of a panic to reason with and refused to consider his suggestions.

Asden scurried to the hole, slipping into it just as he heard the last yells of the surviving soldiers. Before he could even process their deaths, he rapidly lost his orientation of direction, and shortly after, simply shutdown. Rain mixed with ash around the den he had discovered for himself, Asden remaining motionless and unconscious.
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