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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

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Seth growled at Frita.

"Youve go an even worse attitude than I do Frita..Id almost respect if not for how often you need to be saved or wonder off. This device was our mission...Now shut about it. "

Seth pulls down his sleeves
"Its kept hidden for a reason...lots of people would kill for it. Before you got and bash the device or OUR goals remember you used it to steal a pokemon and eventually youll need it to hatch one of your eggs! Now try not to ruin our cover..noone is going to notice us."

Seth turned his head to Frita walking over to the seating area waiting for Nurse Joy to get back.

Luna stayed fixated on the drawing of the Slowpoke. The missing tails made her feel at a loss. Why had she joined up with Team wasnt for something like this. The uneasy feeling in her gut caused her focus to shift back to the voice she had heard.

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