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Default Re: Pokerus Empire:Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Daigon View Post

I'm good can't complain I have a new job since the last time i was here. I now work for LSAC which is pretty cool I luv it there jus passed my 3mo probationary period. Me and my gf doing good going on 4 years sometime after July.

As far as my gaming goes I finally got myself a 3ds the purple one it's so awesome. I bought W2 as well but after I beat my 4th gym I got caught up doing movies and battling instead of tryna finish the game for the April 14th regional. Once I figured I wasn't going to make it I kinda put the DS dwn for a while.

I've been playing a lot of ps3 Defiance, the new dead island coming out at the end of the month and last of us in June. I started playing Monster Hunter heavy on my psp again too... I have too many games and not enough time to play them >_<
nice, congrats on the new job, and getting past the probo period

yeah i haven't really picked up the games either, still haven't beaten B2 and i've had that since almost release day lol, mostly been playing BlOps2, I run really small clan and we've been playing that a lot, I also got FE: Awakening for the 3ds and I'm on my 2nd run through with that, I've had one battle and was up 6-3 before the guy had to bail, so hopefully if i do get back into it, there won't be too much rust to knock off
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