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Default Grg's Breeding Center. some DWFs, need DW Untrained Staravia or DWF Staravia.

Here are some i have to offer
New Pokemon in Bold
1. When asking for a pokemon, make sure to tell me what you want, and what you can give me.
As I do not know what you have, do not ask me, "What do you want for that Swinub?"
So, please give me a list of what you have to offer
2. I do NOT want anything that is already on my list unless it has an egg move
If your pokes that you are offering do have egg moves, please tell me their movesets, otherwise a list will suffice
3. Please be patient with me. This is the most important rule, as I am often busy with school and such. Constant posts asking me if I am ready will eventually get you blacklisted. I hope to never blacklist anybody, and that will not happen if you follow these rules.
4. When you offer a trade, be sure to give me your In-game Name and your Friend Code. I do not care if it is in your signature or profile. It is easier for me to see it in the post. If you have traded with me before, you do not have to put this in your request.
5. When offering a pokemon, in order to show that you read the rules, you must put an @ at the end of your post
6. Please follow these rules, as they lead to a successful trade

They take too long, as I wish to make my service as fast as possible

I am able to breed the following: (Listed are only the lowest forms)

4 Charmander
7 Squirtle
19 Rattata
23 Ekans
27 Sandshrew
35 Clefairy
54 Psyduck
63 Abra
79 Slowpoke
81 Magnemite
114 Tangela
120 Staryu
129 Magikarp
133 Eevee
137 Porygon
147 Dratini (I have DW and normal available, with or without extremespeed)
152 Chikorita
155 Cyndaquil
158 Totodile
163 Hoothoot (DW and Normal available)
179 Mareep
213 Shuckle (DW and Normal Available)
215 Sneasel
220 Swinub
239 Elekid
255 Torchic
278 Wingull
280 Ralts (DW or Normal Available)
290 Nincada (DW or Normal Available)
298 Azurill
333 Swablu (DW or Normal Available)
337 Lunatone
338 Solrock
343 Baltoy
374 Beldum
387 Turtwig
390 Chimchar (Available with Blaze Kick and Thunderpunch)
422 Shellos
425 Drifloon (DW or Normal Available)
436 Bronzor
479 Rotom
495 Snivy
498 Tepig
501 Oshawott
504 Patrat
506 Lillipup
509 Purrloin
513 Pansear
517 Munna (DW or Normal Available)
519 Pidove
522 Blitzle
524 Roggenrola
529 Drilbur
531 Audino
532 Timburr
535 Tympole
539 Sawk
540 Sewaddle
543 Venipede
546 Cottonee
551 Sandile
554 Darumaka
557 Dwebble
561 Sigilyph (DW or Normal Available)
562 Yamask
563 Co***rigus
570 Zorua
572 Minccino
580 Ducklett
582 Vanillite
585 Deerling
587 Emolga
588 Karrablast
590 Foongus
592 Frillish
595 Joltik
597 Ferroseed
599 Klink
607 Litwick
616 Shelmet
618 Stunfisk
621 Druddigon
626 Bouffalant
627 Rufflet
629 Vullaby
631 Heatmor
632 Durant
633 Deino (With Dark Pulse Available)
636 Larvesta

I also have some DW Riolu's available, just cannot breed them as I don't have a DW Lucario


Staravia DW

Any Non-baby basic pokemon not listed on my haves

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