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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Originally Posted by Eevee trainer View Post
Ah, okay! I was just very confused, thank you! XD

Also, another question. Say for instance with GCEA Gold, there were 4 Zubats, 3 Shadow Zubats and 1 regular. I only saw two people get the Shadow Zubats and one person got the normal one. Does that mean that the uncaught Pokemon is up for grabs until someone else gets the points for it or is it gone after a number of posts?
If any extra pokemon are left over, you can choose to battle them..if they have a battle point number attached to them.

For extra pokemon, you can catch them only if its on the same page or you are still in the same area. As soon as the team moves on they are gone. Dont worry though, pokemon will appear more than once in the game!

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