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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Alexander Ryans, Subject Zero
Orion Institute, New York City

Alexander opened his eyes to the darkness of his cell, his patience having finally paid off, as the guards within the Institute were now at an all time low, and would remain at the current level for another hour, giving him enough time to initiate his escape. He immediately released a blast of Psionic energy that decimated the chains holding him in place, an almost insane grin on his face and he stood up, making his palm face the door to his cell, and concentrated.

Within moments, a visible ball of see-through energy appeared in front of his palm, before he launced it forwards, unleashing a blast of Telekinetic energy which completely shredded the wall and doorway, sending metal shards scattering everywhere as the wave of destruction shot down the hall. He instantly began storming down the hall, manipulating his Psionic energy to move faster as alarms blared.

Several guards appeared at the end of the hall, aiming their weapons at him, and began firing a hail of tranquilizers at him. With a mere thought, he stopped the tranquilizers in mid air, before sending them hurtling back towards the guards, who were downed by drugs. He rounded the corner, slamming into a member of the Institute, and he recognized the kid as he grabbed him and slammed him into the wall, remembering he had the capability of manipulating his Psionic energy to be capable of flight. Alexander smiled cruelly as he placed his hand over the kid's face and began concentrating as he clenched his fist.

The kid began screaming in pain as his mind was torn apart, memories, emotions, and thoughts being forcibly erased and absorbed by Alexander, before finally he was left as a blank slate, with nothing besides his power. With one final thought, Alexander tore the knowledge from the kid's mind, destroying any sapient thought that remained, and he smirked as he let the kid's body drop to the floor, his skull caved in in multiple locations due to the force exerted upon his skull.

Quicker than humanly possible, he turned in the direction of another student who fired a weak telekinetic blast at him, but he merely batted it aside with his mind. "My turn." Was all he uttered, before unleashing pure destruction upon the student, the energy flinging him like a rag-doll into the wall further down the hall, a loud crack resonating the air as the student fell to the floor to remain there. Moving quickly, Alexander stripped the student down, as well as himself, and put on the white t-shirt, the red tie and the black trousers which all were luckily the right size for him, before focusing on his plan.

Alexander levitated off the ground as he held his two hands out in front of him, the palms facing each other as he readied another of his powers, this one more devastating. A small ball of Psionic energy formed in his hands, and he began feeling the exertion as he focused on maintaining the chaotic ball as it fluctuated, the ball wanting to expand to enormous levels, but using his will and Psionic stamina he kept it at its current state. With one movement he launched the ball down the hallway as he fired a telekinetic blast upwards, before shooting out of the hole in the ceiling as the Psionic ball slammed into the ground, a loud boom cracking the air as the energy began to rapidly expand.

Alexander was about three city blocks away when the Orion Institute erupted, a loud boom roaring through the city as the Institute and everything within a block of it being incinerated as a large cloud of destructive Psionic energy began expanding, destroying anything in its path. He carried on going, getting roughly another two blocks away before stopping on a roof top and looking back as the wave of destruction came to a stop one and a half blocks away from it.

The Psionic cloud reverted back into itself, before exploding out once more, this wave shattering all the windows and shaking the foundations of many buildings as it surged out from the massive crater created by the Psionic Explosion, the wave of energy passing over Alexander as it passed, carrying on to the next rooftop before dissipating. Alexander stared at the enormous crater he'd created, before falling onto one knee, gasping for breath from the amount of Psionic stamina he had exerted. He realized he needed to rest, and soon, otherwise he would be highly unstable if he had to use his powers, and would most likely succumb to fatigue. Leaping off the building, he grabbed onto the window ledge of an apartment of the building, and swung himself in.

He spared a glance for the man in the room who stared at him in horror, before launching a telekinetic blast that sent the man hurtling into the wall, killing him in the process, before he moved to the door, jamming it shut with a thought before collapsing onto the bed, allowing sleep to come to him.

I'll probably edit this in the near future to adjust things...
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