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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [RP]

Eclipse and Karliah
Dark Elves
ARPers: None

"Eclipse?" Karliah said to the man at the bar.

Upon hearing his name, Eclipse turned around, and drew his daggers, however he lowered them in an instant the moment he recognised the person talking to him.

"25 years, and you will still draw a dagger before asking questions." Karliah said.

"In my line of work, Identity is best left as a secret." Eclipse replied, sheathing the weapons. "What are you doing here? Who is protecting..."

Eclipse stopped speaking, remembering how vital it is that he keep the existence of the Nightingales as a myth.

"I am traveling at the moment. I needed some supplies in Windhelm, and thought I would stay hear the night." Karliah said.

Suddenly Eclipse remembered the tattoo on his wrist, and subtly pulled down his sleeve.

"I have a spare room. Why don't you stay with me? I think we both have a fair bit of explaining to do." Eclipse said, attempting to sound sober.

Karliah thought about it for a second. Eclipse was one of the few people who didn't believe her to be a murderer and a traitor. And she was curious to find out what happened.

"I will see if I can get my money back, since I just rented a room here, then we will head over." Karliah said.

Karliah found the man who she paid for the room, and walked over to him.

"My plans have changed, and I won't be staying here tonight. Is there any way I can get a refund?" Karliah said, putting her hand on the mans arm.

"Sorry, no refunds." The man said shortly. Hearing this, Eclipse walked over, and pulled out one of his daggers. He grabbed the man with his free hand, and held him against the wall, dagger to his neck.

"I think you should give her her money back." Eclipse said. The man slowly opened his coin purse and pulled out the money, handing it to Karliah. Her and Eclipse walked out of the inn, as the man swore something along the lines of "Damn Dunmer".

"You know you didn't have to do that." Karliah said.
"You would have just walked out with a lighter purse?" Eclipse asked.
"Of course not, I pickpocketed him before you even came along." Karliah laughed. After a while, they got to Eclipse's house, one of the largest on the street.

As they walked in the door, Karliah began to speak, but Eclipse quietened her.

"You can leave your things in the room, first door on the right up stairs. Meet me down here when you want to talk." Eclipse said. Karliah nodded, and took her things up. As she walked through the hall, she couldn't help but admire what she saw. The walls were lined with mounted weapons, and weapons in display cases. Either Eclipse had hit the jackpot as a thief, or he had something to tell her. Karliah found the room Eclipse mentioned, and put her belongings on the bed. There wasn't many. One disadvantage of moving around lots, is that you can only have as much as you can carry.

Karliah returned downstairs, where she found Eclipse, sitting by a cupboard, now wearing some comfortable clothes. Karliah walked over, as he opened the doors, and pushed the back, revealing a door to a hidden room. Karliah and Eclipse walked in there, as Eclipse sealed the door behind them.

The room contained a manikin, which held Eclipse's Nightingale Armour, and three weapon mounts on the walls, which held Eclipse's Bow and two daggers. One of the walls was taken up with a map of Skyrim, with pieces of paper attached to it, containing names, and general information.

"This room is completely soundproof," Eclipse explained, "Though I am not at Nightingale Hall any more, I am still a Nightingale."

"Why did you leave Nightingale hall in the first place?" Karliah asked, "You returned from your trip to Whiterun, grabbed your belongings and left. Then I saw you a year later."

"Truth is that when I was in Whiterun, I attempted a robbery." Eclipse lied, "I messed it up, and had a group of people wanting my blood. People I couldn't stop. I knew that they followed me, and knew that if I was there, Nightingale Hall would be discovered. I left and hid somewhere close by for the next year."

"But how did you know Mercer was going to try and kill me, after he killed Gallus?" Karliah asked.

"I had reason to believe that Nocturnal wanted to speak to me," Eclipse said, continuing lying, "I snuck in, because I knew that I was still being watched, and found Mercer about to attack you. After I almost killed him, I fled, fearing that Nocturnal wouldn't be happy with me attempting to kill one of her agents that didn't abandon his job as a Nightingale."

"Trust me, you did the lesser of two evils, and even then, yours was to protect Nocturnal's Shrines." Karliah said, "He is just a traitor."

"Anyway, after I left, I got involved with the Dark Brotherhood. Made a fair bit of money with them, and am now their agent in the east. If someone around here is wanted dead, I am the one to do it." Eclipse said, "So what happened with you after Mercer attacked you? Did the Guild punish him?"

"Quite the opposite. He blamed the wounds from your fight on me, and told everyone I killed Gallus." Karliah said, "He has spent the last 25 years as their leader, whilst I have been in exile."

"What?! I should have killed that son of a ***** before he ran away!" Eclipse yelled, bashing his fist on the wall.

"I have a plan though." Karliah said, "Gallus carried his journal with him everywhere. If his body is still where Mercer left it, Snow Veil Sanctum, the journal will be there, and any evidence against Mercer will be in that. I was on my way there before I came here to get supplies."

"Snow Veil Sanctum?" Eclipse said, "That is in the north. To travel there this time of year is suicide."

"I have been in exile for 25 years because of Mercer," Karliah said, "I am not going to let a little bit of weather stop me from bringing him to justice."

"You will freeze out there. If you do, Mercer will never be brought to justice." Eclipse said, "Why don't you stay here for a bit, and when it is safe, I will come with you to Snow Veil Sanctum. Mercer won't be able to get their in this weather, and I doubt anybody will take the Journal."

Karliah thought about it for a moment. Eclipse was right. As much as she wanted to get revenge, she would get killed out in the weather. And it had been weeks since she had a proper meal.

"Okay, I will stay hear, but only as long as I have to. The moment it is safe to go north, we leave." Karliah said.

"Just one thing. If you ever need to talk about anything related to the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood or the Nightingales, ask me if I have any void salts." Eclipse said, "I have made a few enemies as an assassin, and they may be watching the house. The only safe place to discuss it is here. If you tell me that, meet me in here in an hour."

Karliah nodded, and Eclipse walked to the door, unsealing it and walking out.

"By the way, I have an assignment to do tomorrow. Some grave digger in the hall of the dead." Eclipse said, "I will be out before dawn, and will be back around midday."

Eclipse walked out of the cupboard that disguised the hidden room, and after Karliah followed him, locked it. He walked up to his room, and wondered whether anything would happen between him and Karliah.

Karliah went to her room and opened her bag, unpacking her belongings. She attempted to open the drawer on her bedside table, but found it locked. Knowing that Eclipse was probably already asleep, she pulled out a lockpick, and picked the lock. Karliah put her belongings in it, but noticed something strange. A small box in the big empty drawer. Inside was a ring. Not knowing why it was there, Karliah decided it best not to ask questions, and went to sleep.

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