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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Location: In a cave... Cooking with Damien
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Damien thought quickly as he considered the contents of his bag.
Damien: "Perhaps... I dunno if it will work... but I guess it is worth a shot."

(OOC: This time on Cooking with Damien, Damien will see if he can put a dish together capable of pacifying an angry mob of Wild Onix. If he fails, he may be mauled and torn apart by the angry snakes of stone! Let's see what he has come up with!)

Damien pulled out his cooking gear quickly and quietly. He assembled it in practically the same manner. He produced a number of Kelpsy berries. He chopped them up and set them aside. He then snagged several Cornn berries. He husked them and set the husks in their own pile. He took off the individual kernels and boiled them. He then chopped the core and set aside with the Kelpsy berries. He pulled some some Mago, Pecha, Rabuta, and Wiki berries and put them together in a bowl after seperating the leaves from the tender Pecha berries and seperating the hairs from the Rabuta berries. He grinded the Mago, Pecha, Rabuta, and Wiki berries into a fine paste. He pulled his Cornn berry kernels from the pot of boiling water and mixed them into the paste. He then added the chopped core and Kelpsy berries. He set the mixture into the husks. He reached into his bag and pulled several roots. He grinded them into a powder. He wrapped bits of powder inside of Pecha leaves, and he gently nudged them into each of the paste mixtures. He then wrapped the individually separated mixtures inside of the Cornn husks and tied them firmly using the Rabuta hairs.

Damien looked at his work.
Damien: "That should do the trick... hopefully there is enough for... all of them... Sooo... who wants to attempt distribution?"

(OOC: That is all for now on Cooking With Damien! Tune in next time to see if they survive!!)
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