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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Sarah Walsh
Los Angeles
ARPers: Cobalt

Sarah watched as the same boy from before emerge and use his power, it was quite destructive. Sarah could feel her bindings loosen and she pulled them off of herself. She made sure she still had her gloves on before grabbing the boys hand and dragging him away while the two women were busy, she ran as fast as she could not really knowing where she was going. "Thank you." She called back to the boy, they were both wanted and Sarah knew they could help each other out, maybe help out a few other people.

Clara and Cris
Los Angeles
ARPers: Currently none

Cris saw the boy, it was the same one that had wrecked the train, she glared at him and readied herself. She bound her feet in darkness and made a shield of sorts, which protected her from the blow and made sure she didn't move. As the girl ran passed she tried to grab her, but the sight of her little sister grabbed her attention. Not having anything to protect her Clara had been forced back and had hit her head on the wall. Cris frowned and left the two kids for now.

Cris gently picked up her little sister and walked back to her bike, she sat on it and made sure her sister was in a comfortable position behind her before binding Clara to the bike and herself before starting up the Ducati. She revved up the bike and sped off back to their home, she was gonna get that boy, she just needed a good plan.

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