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Default Re: WAR XII RP Brainstorming and Discussion

Okay so somehow, even though PE2K rejected ALL my attempts at logging in last time and I never got a link to reset my password, when I came back to PE2K to check the ECC in the Park, BAM I'm signed in.

ANYWAYS. I'm all for a medieval RP with huge cutbacks on tech, it's like a sword-and-spell thing and I love those. As far as PokeBalls go, who needs those when we can have ApriBalls or something similar to them?

I like the ideas that have been put forth, and in terms of a special power, we could always allow Shouts! Certain people can have the Aura, certain people could have the Thu'um, others could have this or that. Make it a max of maybe 5 RPers/power, first-come first-served (I totally call dibs on Shouts XD). We can easily come up with a list of cool abilities so there are a few everyone likes in case the main one they'd want fills up before they can apply.

As far as the driving factor behind why regions/Teams are warring and the whole thing about things like being transformed having pros and cons, we've had many Hybrid RPs that prove people are willing to become social outcasts or even seen as beings that deserve to be hunted down and murdered if it gives them a cool new form and some spiffy powers to play with :P.
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