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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

New York City

"President Forbes' young daughter Caroline Forbes is still missing, after running away for unknown reasons years ago. If she is seen, please call the number shown on screen."

"Seriously?" Caroline growled from where she sat on a torn brown couch in her small apartment, the blonde flicking through the channels that morning on the small television. When she saw a picture of herself when she was only fourteen she froze, a message going out over America for days now about her disappearance. Caroline was seventeen now which meant her facial features had changed a little bit, but if someone concentrated on her face long enough then it wouldn't take long at all to realize she was Caroline Forbes, not Caroline Hawthorne.

Caroline stood to her feet and pulled out her cell phone, dialing her father's cell phone number which she knew by heart. Caroline was smart enough to use prepaid cell phones like Ashley and Jeremy had done, which meant her father didn't know the number calling through and couldn't trace it.

"Hello?" Said a male voice on the other end after the phone had rung a few times.

"Stop trying to find me." Caroline ordered through gritted teeth. "I want nothing to do with your disgusting family."

"Caroline?" Her father responded in shock.

"That's right, now stop trying to find me. I don't want to be found."

"But you're my daugh-" Before her father could say anything else Caroline squeezed the phone with her palm, the skin on her hand turning a pale blue. The cell phone then suddenly turned to ice, to which Caroline threw it against the wall as hard as she could and watched it shatter into pieces. After taking a deep breath to calm herself down Caroline's hand went back to normal, prompting her to tie her curly blonde hair in a ponytail, put on a hat and walked out of her apartment with her schoolbag.

During the years of Caroline on the run from The Company she had managed to find others who she could trust, a few people looking out for Caroline and helping her. She had met a girl around her age in Texas who had an amazing ability, one that was able to hide Caroline's physical appearance. The girl who helped Caroline had the ability to charm an item for a long period of time, the user wearing or holding the item having their physical appearance changed. When Caroline wore the Lapiz Lazuli ring which the girl charmed, her appearance was a teenaged girl with red hair, freckles and green eyes, allowing Caroline to be undetected by everyone all this time. The charm placed on the ring had worn out however about a month ago, bringing Caroline to force herself to stay in the city for now. She went to Texas to try and find the girl so she could put another enchantment on the ring, but when Caroline got to the location, the girl was gone. Caroline tried calling her friend countless times, but the girl's silence caused Caroline to believe that she had gotten caught by The Company.

Caroline now has been in Manhattan for two weeks and has attended high school, though so far even without the charmed ring she hasn't been pointed out yet by her classmates. Caroline figured it was because she looked older than the girl in the picture that was aired on television, though she knew she still had to be very careful.

Caroline, Jeremy and Ashley
New York City

As a girl with white hair was walking out of a bagel shop Caroline was actually walking in, giving the girl a small smile before entering. She quickly scanned the room and saw that there were only four teenagers around her age in the shop, to which she silently sighed in relief and walked up to the girl working the counter.

"Hi. Can I help you with anything?" The girl behind the counter asked with a friendly smile.

"A toasted chocolate chip bagel with extra cream cheese please." Caroline responded with a smile of her own.

"Would you like anything to drink?" The girl responded.

"A bottle of apple juice please." Caroline said, the girl nodding and turning away towards the large selection of bagels.

As Ashley and Jeremy began to eat their breakfast they noticed some more people now in the bagel shop; a set of dark haired twin males and a girl with curly blonde hair wearing a hat. Ashley didn't get a good look at Ichiru or Kiseki since she only quickly glanced at them before looking back towards her brother, but if she only had looked at the other set of twins for a few more seconds then she would had realized that Ichiru was the male who she had been seeing in her dreams.

"Here you go. That will be $4.50." Said the girl as she handed Caroline her order. Caroline handed the girl a five dollar bill and told her to keep the change, to which the girl thanked her. "You look so familiar." Caroline was about to turn around but froze, locking her sapphire eyes with the girl.

"Really?" Caroline asked, trying to play it cool.

"Yeah... I just can't put my finger on it."

"Well I've been in here before. Maybe you saw me." Caroline lied, this actually being the very first time she walked into this bagel shop.

"That's probably it." The girl chuckled, bringing Caroline to smile politely and turn away to sit at a table which was right in back of Kiseki's and Ichiru's. Caroline's back faced the girl behind the counter, but Caroline's front faced Kiseki, which would give him a perfect view of her.

"Did you sleep at all last night?" Jeremy asked in concern when seeing the circles underneath his sister's eyes, the male taking a sip of his juice.

"I woke up a few times during the night... but I had another dream again." Ashley responded as she looked down towards the table.

"About that boy?" Jeremy questioned, to which Ashley nodded.

"I've never seen him before, but his face is always so clear in the dreams. His dark black hair covering his left eye, and his eyes themselves..." Ashley trailed off for a few moments as she put herself back into the dreams. "His eyes are these amazing emerald green. They're so piercing... I've never seen eyes like that before." Ashley looked up towards her brother, his concern only deepening.

"Did he talk this time?"

"No." Ashley responded to her brother in a low voice. "He never talks, but you always protect me from him. I think... I think something bad is going to happen."

"You can't tell the future though." Jeremy pointed out in a low voice as well. "That isn't one of your abilities."

"What if they're changing though?" Ashley asked. "You of all people should know. When you were eleven you were only able to make small balls of electricity in your hands. Now you can cause a blackout throughout the entire United States if you get into a rage."

"You do have a point." Jeremy agreed with a small nod. "If what you're dreaming could come true, then what does it mean?"

"It means we need to look over our shoulders more often now." Ashley responded, their voices going back to normal as they began to eat again.

"Look at it this way Ashley," Jeremy began, a smile on his face. "We only have two more months of high school left, then we can start college. That's something to look forward to."

"It is." Ashley chuckled. "I'm thinking Rome."


"Think about it, Jeremy. We'll be far away from here, and maybe we could finally meet up with mom and dad." Ashley responded, wonder flashing through Jeremy's eyes.

"That would be amazing. We haven't seen them in so long." Jeremy said as Ashley nodded in agreement.

"I can't wait to see them again."

"Me either." Jeremy agreed, the siblings beginning to eat their breakfast again.

OOC: Alex is actually going to show up a little later in the RP.
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