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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [RP]

(Preparing to Leave) Falkreath
Affected RPers: None

Asden returned from the surrounding forest of Falkreath, which was the encampment of a sizable Imperial regiment. Initially he had been hired by the Jarl of Falkreath to hunt game for him.

Upon returning, he happened across an Imperial soldier and the Jarl's stewardess, Nenya, speaking to each other, "Hello, Nenya. Hello, sir."

"Why hello. Did you happen to see any evidence of Stormcloak sneaking around this area of Skyrim? We are getting mighty restless around here. None of the Stormcloaks would dare come this close to the borders of Dagerfall and Cyrodiil," the Imperial soldier sounded terribly bored.

Asden smiled as he looked down at the game he had successfully hunted, placing it down on a table, "No, sir. I can't say I have."

"Well that's just disappointing, I told my girl back home that I'd be a hero upon returning," he sulked.

"Perhaps making promises you can't keep isn't a smart idea," Nenya chuckled.

"Be careful what you wish for. I heard up north that the battalion who caught Ulfric Stormcloak was completely wiped out. You may find yourselves mobilized at any time," said Asden, "and fighting in a war is not all its cracked up to be." He then dropped a quiver of bloodied arrows on the wood floor, "I'd give it another day or two 'till you move out, which means I'll be following."
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