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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Ichiru and Kiseki
New York City

"President Forbes' young daughter Caroline Forbes is still missing, after running away for unknown reasons years ago. If she is seen, please call the number shown on screen."

Kiseki glanced at the tv which was playing in the New York apartment he and Ichiru had been sharing for the past few months. They had been living elsewhere before, but after the two of them had been given the assignment to track down and capture Ashley and Jeremy Gilbert, and had coincidentally discovered that the two of them lived nearby, they had moved here.

The younger twin looked at the picture of the blonde haired girl displayed on the television screen for a few moments, then to the phone number. It was actually pretty hard to believe that Caroline had managed to stay off the radar for this long, with practically the entire nation searching for her.

Kiseki’s phone went off then, snapping him out of his thoughts. He turned away from the television and toward the coffee table, where his cell phone lay. Upon picking it up, he found a text from Ichiru telling him to come outside. He didn’t question it, grabbing his dark red shoulder bag from its place beside the couch after turning off the television and exiting the apartment to go downstairs.

When he arrived outside, Ichiru was waiting for him near the entrance with phone in hand. He put it away when he saw his brother, nodding to the left of them.

“I think I just saw the Gilbert siblings leave the apartment building.”

“Really? I didn’t know they lived here…”

“Well, I’m not certain that it was them, but we can’t pass up the opportunity if it is.” Ichiru responded. “Come on, before we lose them to the crowd.”

Kiseki nodded, following his brother silently as the two of them began walking down the street after the pair of brown haired teenagers that Ichiru had spotted.

Their pursuit lead them to the bagel shop a few blocks away from the high school; one that the two of them frequented themselves. Had they come a few seconds earlier, they would have seen Jeremy’s manipulation of the ATM machine just out front of it.

The twins approached the counter just as the other two teens were leaving it with their order, giving both of them a good look at their faces. They certainly looked like Ashley and Jeremy, but Ichiru and Kiseki couldn’t take them in just because of that. They had to be absolutely sure that these two were their targets.

The young girl behind the counter gave the two of them a small smile as they approached, recognizing them from their frequent visits.

“The usual?” She asked in a soft voice, to which Kiseki nodded. Ichiru’s attention was still on the other pair, who had sat down at a table with their breakfast. He turned back around to the girl as she gave a small nod of her own in response to Kiseki and left her place to retrieve their food.

One of the reasons he and Kiseki came to this shop was the girl herself. Her strange hair color really stood out, and Ichiru suspected that she may have been someone with abilities as well. But it was also possible that she had merely dyed her hair that color, so for now they simply kept an eye on her when they were here.

He had tried to get her name once so that he could search for her on the computer and inquire with The Company, but she always dodged the question or ignored it completely. Though this was frustrating, there wasn’t really anything he could do about it.

“Here you are.” The soft voice broke through his thoughts as the girl returned with two bagels; a chocolate chip one for Kiseki and a regular one with cream cheese for Ichiru.

“Thank you.” Kiseki gave her a cheerful smile as he handed her money for their food, then taking the bagels and handing one to Ichiru. The girl gave another nod in response, the smile back on her face.

“Enjoy your breakfast. Let me know if you need anything.”

The two dark haired boys then walked over to where the tables were, taking a seat at one near Ashley and Jeremy with their food.

“How much time do we have?” Ichiru took his cell phone out at Kiseki’s words and checked the time.

“About forty-five minutes.”

“That’s more than enough time.” Kiseki responded, taking a bite out of his bagel. He noticed Ichiru focusing on the container for sugar packets that went into coffee on one side of the table, giving him a light kick under the table when it started to move on its own.

“What? It’s not like I’ll be turned in for it.” Ichiru smirked at Kiseki, who frowned in response. He lowered his voice then, to where only Kiseki could hear. “Besides, if these two really are who we think they are, then wouldn’t they be attracted to other people like them?”

Kiseki considered this idea, but still frowned at his brother regardless. Ichiru chuckled at him, finally taking a bite out of his own bagel.

New York City

Reina glanced at the clock behind her after serving the two teenage boys their breakfast, seeing that there was around forty-five minutes left until classes started. She would need to switch shifts with someone soon so that she could get to class in time. However, the girl with whom she normally switched with wasn’t here yet.

She gave a sigh and turned back around toward the shop. She had taken this job as a means of earning money to keep up with her rent and living expenses. It didn’t pay all that much, but it was enough to get by on, which was good enough. The only shift that had been available at the time she applied for the job had been one before school, which was actually perfect, since she could just leave for the high school a few blocks away from here after her shift was over.

The two pairs of teenagers whom she had just served were sitting at their respectful tables with their breakfast. It wasn’t strange to see the second pair - the male twins - in here before school. They had often come in before school to get some bagels. However, regardless of how many times she had seen them by now, Reina had still not befriended them. Despite how friendly they seemed - especially the one who had introduced himself as Kiseki once when they had managed to strike up a conversation with her - she was afraid to.

Even when she had spoken with them, she had been careful not to give anything about herself away, and had even refused to give them her name when asked. She didn’t know who to trust, and she didn’t want to make the same mistake as she had two years ago. So it was fine this way.

She was incredibly thankful that she lived in an age in which an abnormal hair color didn’t necessarily mean anything. A lot of teenagers dyed their hair strange colors such a pink, purple, or even orange, so it wasn’t all that weird that her own hair was white. As long as no one knew why, she wouldn’t be found out. Sure, it earned her a lot of strange looks and unwanted attention in crowds, but she didn’t really care about that anymore.

The door of the shop opened again and a familiar blonde haired girl entered, giving Reina a smile.

“Sorry I’m late. I almost overslept, and then was caught up in traffic.” She gave the younger girl a sheepish smile as she walked around the counter, to which Reina shook her head with a small smile of her own.

“It’s okay. You’re only a few minutes late anyway.” She responded to her in her soft tone as the blonde put away her purse in the back.

“If only the manager thought that way too.” She chuckled as Reina joined her, then glancing into the shop. Her eyes fell on the two dark haired males, and she smirked as she looked back to Reina, lowering her voice. “Those boys are here again, I see.”

“Ah, yeah…”

“Don’t they talk to you often? They may like you. You should talk to them.”

Reina quickly shook her head at the suggestion, averting her gaze from the older girl.

“N-no, I couldn’t. They’re just trying to be friendly, is all.”

“Whatever you say. If I were you, I’d take my pick and go for it. Or maybe go for both of them.” The older girl laughed at the expression on Reina’s face in response to her words. “Anyway, you should get going now. I’ll take over from here.”

“Thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow.” The flustered teen responded quickly, grabbing her bag and exiting the shop.
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