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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Caroline?" After a little while of staring up at the sky Caroline heard Kiseki's voice, though she didn't answer or even move as Kiseki stepped closer towards her, the male Vampire dropping to his knees next to her. "Thank God you're okay... There's something I need to..." Kiseki paused, Caroline knowing that he was studying her dimmed aura.

Here we go. Caroline thought to herself with annoyance, turning her head to look up at Kiseki.

"Caroline, did you..." When Kiseki paused Caroline sighed, looking back up towards the sky. "Did you... turn off your humanity?"

"No." Caroline responded as she shook her head, turning her gaze back to Kiseki. "Klaus did."

"Are you bloody kidding me?" Kol's voice was suddenly heard as him and Kevin walked side by side together in the woods, the two brothers deciding to quickly leave the house with their speed while the others calmed down, though they never thought they would run into Caroline and Kiseki. What were the chances?

"You heard right." Caroline responded as she sat up, the blonde Vampire standing to her feet and pulling a couple of leaves from her curly hair. "I let him."

"Why would you do something like that?" Kevin growled, though he knew the tension between him and Kiseki was off the charts right now.

"Because you were right. With me recently switching back to human blood which resulted to me killing people, Kiseki seeing you kissing me and the hallucinations from me taking the darkness from Kotomi's aura, I couldn't handle the pain anymore. The whole world was crashing down on me, the guilt of everything becoming far too much. The one thing that was really sending me over the edge was the guilt of killing my own mother, so Klaus offered to help." Caroline explained.

"So... my brother compelled you?" Kol asked, clear confusion being heard in his tone.

"Yup." Caroline nodded. "Ive been off Vervain for the past few days now, so he was able to compel me." Caroline's tone was cheerful as she smiled, though there was something about it that sent chills to rush through Kol's and Kevin's bodies. It wasn't the same warmth that Caroline had; it was icy cold and deadly. "Klaus had a very good point too. He said that with my humanity turned off then I won't feel the guilt, which means no more hallucinations."

"You won't be able to help Kotomi anymore now, which is what you were determined to do." Kevin pointed out.

"That's not my problem anymore." Caroline chuckled playfully, sounding exactly like Katherine.

"What about your feelings for Kiseki?" Kol asked. "Doesn't that even matter?" Caroline looked over towards Kiseki, locking her eyes with his.

"It's like Kevin said," Caroline began, responding to all three males but only kept her eyes on Kiseki. "Kiseki would hate me forever once he found out about the human blood situation and me killing innocent humans. Then there was the fact that Kevin kissed me which Kiseki saw. He would had never forgave me."

"I never wanted this." Kevin spoke his thoughts out loud, to which Caroline chuckled again as she looked over towards the Original and walked towards him.

"Shouldn't you be happy? My feelings for Kiseki are gone, along with any feelings or emotions towards anyone and anything, which means that you could have a shot with me." Caroline stood close to Kevin, running her fingers along his chest. "There wouldn't be love there or anything, but we both know the sex would be very good."

"Stop it." Kevin growled as Kol's mouth dropped in complete shock from Caroline's words. Kol wasn't shocked that Caroline said them; he was shocked she said them right in front of Kiseki. But then again, this wasn't actually their loving Caroline...

"I have a better idea." Caroline smirked, looking back over towards Kiseki. "The three of us can have our own little party, so then both you and Kevin will have your way with me and be happy. Everyone wins."

"This isn't you, Caroline." Kol spoke, Caroline looking over towards him.

"It is. And you guys better get used to it." Caroline responded, then using her speed and leaving suddenly. Kol and Kevin just stood there in silence, shock apparent all over their face.

"We need to go to Niklaus and make him fix this." Kol finally spoke, using his own speed to leave. That left Kiseki and Kevin alone in the woods, the Original locking his eyes with the younger Vampire.

"There isn't words to express how sorry I am. I never thought in a million years this would happen..." Kevin looked down towards the ground, the Original frustrated. "I will fix this." Kevin then left with his own speed to follow his brother, leaving Kiseki alone while Caroline planned on finding a human to eat.

"Well this explains Kiseki's attitude when he came in earlier..." Back at the house Aiden spoke softly from the other side of Kotomi as he held one of her hands in his own, rubbing the top of it with his thumb to try and calm her down. Kotomi sighed, resting the side of her head on his shoulder.

"Can't really blame him." Ichiru muttered as he walked by the trio on the couch, Scarlet and Abigail returning to the floor in the living room to play with Raven.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to check on Kiseki. Now that we know what happened, maybe we can calm him down." Ichiru responded to Aiden just before heading upstairs, Ashley nodding as she turned her attention back over towards her children. After a few moments something troubled her however, bringing her to look over towards Aiden and Kotomi.

"Can you watch the girls real quick?"

"Yeah." Kotomi responded to Ashley with a nod, watching as Ashley stood up and disappeared upstairs as well. When Ashley reached Kiseki's and Caroline's room she saw only Ichiru standing there, looking as though he were shocked about something.

"What's wrong?" Ashley quickly asked in concern. "Where's Kiseki?"
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