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Name: Blackthorne
Race: Argonian
Location: Home in Riften
Currently: Getting up to head out
Perspective: First

I open my eyes. I spent the last couple of hours lying in bed. This house was new to me, of course, it lost the new house smell long ago, but I ought not complain. It is hard enough for an Argonian like myself ot I took a look around. It wasn't terribly large. I rose to my feet. I stretched and yawned unable to shake the air of drowsiness. I opened up my dresser. My extensive wardrobe currently included a forsworn set and my thieves guild armor. I thought to myself... <Wow I should expand my wardrobe...>

I stared down at my limited wardrobe. Both sets were comfortable, but I would need to actually visit the guild today. I glanced over at a chest sitting in the corner. I had some hot goods I would need to be rid of. I looked at my bookshelf. It almost looked lonely without any bits of literature sitting on it. <Outta get some books from... somewhere...>

I began to grow hungry. I pulled on my guild armor and grabbed my forsworn gear. I quickly snatched up the Twin Rippers. The Falmer War Axes fit quit nicely on my belt. I grabbed my Shiv and slid it into my boot. Still drowsy I lifted the bag where I kept some of my other personal effects and tossed in the stolen merchandise. I also slid into my Bone Hawk jewelry.

I began to walk towards the door exiting my home. I walked out the door with a yawn. With my eyes closed I walked foward. The air had a nip to it, but that was typical Skyrim weather. I continued on this long yawn walking foward.

To my surprise the wood beneath my feet had dissappeared! I tossed my bag in shock as I felt cold waters rush up my spine and smack my jaw.

Instinct didn't tell me to hold my breath. I could breath under water but it was so cold!

I quickly swam to the top and looked around. I was now much more awake. I looked around hoping that went unnoticed.

Name: Norik Oakskin
Race: Breton, Vampire
Location: Lakeview Manor
Currently: having a chat
Perspective: third

It was a nice night out. The chill was hardly a bother with the clear sky. A Breton sat in a chair with an old friend sitting near. He simply wore a strange pair of pants that glowed in the dark. He seemed to not be bothered by the beat of Skyrim's cold upon his bare breast. He sat admiring the night. His friend was as a bright as a torch and her company was warmer than one as well. Of course being a Flame Atronach can give one such properties.

This Breton himself wasn't the most usual being either. Being a vampire gave him a particular resistance to Skyrim's weather. He sat speaking to his friend while enjoying a nice cup of... tea. Tea brewed from the accumulated age of thirty-five, and tea that your typical adventurer would enjoy... less.

It seemed things were quite well. They were having a nice discussion about the contrast of skies. Mundas was rather beautiful. Full of the constellations. The planes of Oblivion however were less... attractive.

Her time was nearly up, so Norik had recasted his friend allowing her more time. They would have continued their conversation, but as it seemed a couple of bandits had stumbled upon them. It took only a moment for Norik to don his armor. He stood and lifted his shield. He walked out to greet them. He parried a simple sword with his shield and forced the aggressor to stumble back. His quick reflexes allowed him to charge a fireball. He turned swiftly the Steed as his ally. He released the fireball into the face of a bandit wielding a hammer. Norik averted his gaze to awoid the blinding effect produced by the brightness of the light released from the spells explosion.

He himself was plastered with flames from the explosion of the spell. It was not the first time it happened. The flames fade quickly and, although he feels it more than most, he can handle it.

His Atronach comrade, not being compelled to defend him, sat and watched. She did not need to interfere in this disagreement. She did keep an eye out for foul play. In such case she would intervene.

As the flames died out the bandit was staggering. Norik turned yet again. His armored fist met flesh. The other bandit had readied another attack just to be staggered by the fist of a Breton. He turned quickly sweeping low effectively knocking the hammer weilding Bandit to the ground. He took a few steps to the side. "Leave now... and perhaps I won't send you to your forefathers."

The bandits continued their assault enraged. Having quickly casted a Bound Sword, Norik impaled the first bandit with the sword onto his shield and threw his body over his shoulder. The sword had appeared before him as he grasped for it. He smacked the other bandit's burnt face with the blunt side of the blade. He slashed at him grating at the bandit's armor a few more times while the bandit grimaced. He finally finished him off with a simple decapitation.

He set the bodies ablaze and left them burning to continue his chat.

Name: Gorvesh Hammerfist
Race: Orc, Werewolf
Location: Traveling to Windhelm
Currently: Thinking this mission is absolutely stupid
Perspective: third

Gorvesh was near an abandoned tower. It was riddled with the remains of simple-minded bandits who took arms against him as he passed. As he cleaned the grime from his armor and axe, he considered his bizarre objective. He was being sent to Windhelm to obtain... the soup spoon of Ysgramor. He a born warrior, a member of the Companions... being sent to fetch a spoon? This was an outrage to him.

Of course he found he may get his share of bloodshed along this pointless little trek. He could always stop and obliterate some bandits everyonce in awhile. Not to mention being a werewolf helped even the odds every once in a while. It did happen here. There were left overs scattered about. And he made quite a mess on his equipment despite not having used it.

Of course he knew he would not have another outburst like that today, but it was relaxing to allow his tension to beat itself out... and into those who would attempt to fight him.

But his fun had ended for now, he would have to return to his quest for the Soup Spoon O Ysgramor. He stood up and put on his armor. He placed his weapon where it usually rested when not in use. He continued onward snagging random ingredients along the way.

Name: Sulvahdinriik
Race: Giant, Flying, Fire-breathing Lizard
Location: Somewhere in Skyrim
Currently: taking a break
Perspective: Third

Sulvahdinriik rested upon the ground. Her wings had seen much use recently. She had been sent all over carrying messages to other dragons.

The area she lay was thick with trees. A nice pond sat nearby. It's unmoving waters provided a fair reflection. The night carried with it a gentle fog rolling near the ground. Torchbugs flew over the pond leaving slight illumination against the trees and water. All in all, this place seemed pleasant.

This break she thought would be short lived. It was not often she got to rest her wings. She had stretched them a moment and let them droop uncerimoniously at her sides. She muttered small complaints about the weather.

Then she sneezed. "Ahhh AAAhhh AaaahFUs!" She opened her eyes seeing a bunny soar through the air. "Sorry, small rabbit..." She had closed her eyes as if she would doze off to sleep. "SulVahdinRiik!" She heard her name being called on the shifting of the wind. It was time for her to return to her "master." She was not particularly fond of this break in her free time, but she assumed she would have to put up with it. She was practically enslaved to Alduin.
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