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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [RP]

Dark Elf
Assassin, Nightingale
Candlehearth Hall Windhelm
Affected RPers: None

"Give me another Ale." Eclipse said to the bartender. He put 5 septims onto the counter, and accepted the glass of ale that was handed to him. He couldn't remember how many he had tonight. All he knew that his coin purse would be significantly lighter in the morning, and his head significantly more sore.

Eclipse pulled off his right glove and rolled up the sleeve of his right arm up. He stared at the tattoo on his wrist.

"To think, I disappear for a little while, and my best friend takes her." Eclipse thought as he finished the ale, and signalled the bartender for another.

Dark Elf
Affected RPers: None

"Back to where this mess began." Karliah thought, as she tethered her horse at the stable. "Mercer killed Gallus, then went to kill me. But why was Eclipse there? He disappeared a year before any of that. Came back from his trip, then left again."

Karliah walked through the gates of Windhelm. She had told Gulum-ei she was heading where the end began. Snow Veil Sanctum. If she were to meet him again, and get justice, it would be there. But she could only carry so much, and needed supplies for the trip.

Karliah walked the near empty streets of Windhelm. She hadn't been here in years, and was unfamiliar with the city. After a little while, she found a beggar.

"Spare a septim for an old woman?" the beggar asked.

Karliah pulled out a gold coin, and handed it to the woman.

"Thank you for your kindness." the beggar said.

"Is there an inn nearby where I can spend the night?" Karliah asked.

"Candlehearth Hall is down this street. You could probably find a bed there for the night." the beggar replied.

Karliah left the beggar, and walked down the street, looking for a sign. Eventually she found the sign and entered the building.

Karliah found the counter, and made her way to it, getting her coin purse ready, and a dagger.

"I'd like to rent a room for the night." Karliah asked, getting a few coins out of her purse. However the bartender didn't hear her, and was instead speaking to another patron.

"I'll have another ale." said the patron. The voice seemed familiar. His wrist was visible, and on it was something that shocked her. A name. Karliah.

"Who is this man?" Karliah thought to herself. Suddenly she recognised the armour.


Affected RPers: Any in Riften who feel like commiting evil

"The air stinks here." Kyoshi thought. He sat on the rooftop of the bee and the bard, watching people walk the streets of Riften. The streets weren't safe at this time.

The silence of the night was broken by a loud roar.

"What was that?" Kyoshi thought to himself. Anything that made a noise that big had to have a size to match.

Kyoshi looked back down at the town for a sign of crime. After a few minutes he found it. A pickpocket.

Kyoshi got a run up from the building, and leapt from the edge, grabbing the next building, and pulling himself up. He was now directly above the pickpocket.

Kyoshi pulled out his war axes and jumped down next to the pickpocket, slicing off his hand.

"Try picking pocket's now thief." Kyoshi said, and walked around a corner. He put the battle axes away, and pulled out his grappling hook and rope, throwing it up to get on the roof. He was gone before the guards showed up.
Kyoshi didn't have a good reputation with the guards. They considered his methods animalistic. He considered crime to be the same.

Kyoshi found a new spot on the rooftops, waiting for duty to call again tonight, and being Riften, he knew it definitely would...

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