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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Los Angeles
Affected RPers: Cherry Tomato

Dustyn stood in the fire escape watching the girl who chased him. She stopped, and stood there for a minute. Suddenly a motorbike pulled into the alley, and chased the girl out, around a corner.

"She must be like me." Dustyn thought. "I can probably get away now."

Dustyn went to climb down the ladder, then stopped.

"Damn it, I am gonna regret this."

Dustyn climbed over the fence on the side of the fence, and stood on the ledge on the side of the building. Dustyn edged himself along the edge, using his telekinesis to hold him against the wall. He went around the corner, and saw the two motorbike riders cornering the girl at a wall. One held a syringe, the other held a gun.

Dustyn felt the pulses starting again, getting fast and faster.

"I have about 10 seconds before the adrenaline rush kicks in." Dustyn thought. He edged himself closer to the motorbike riders, and jumped from there, landing between the motorbike riders and the girl. He felt pain in his legs as he landed.

The pulses had sped up to a hum.

"It's happening." Dustyn thought. He focused the energy in front of him, towards the motorbike riders.


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