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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Sarah Walsh
Los Angeles
ARPers: Cobalt

When the boy didn't stop she knew it wasn't her fault, but maybe she had come on a little too strong. She continued to run after the boy, the chase taking it's toll on her, but she could tell she was catching up a little, she tried her hardest to keep up the pace, get a little closer. She heard the noise before she saw the car, she skidded to a stop and stared at the car, this kid was powerful, yeah she could kill people but she had to touch them or think so intensely she would get a headache and a nosebleed. She placed her hands on her knees as she tried to get her breath back, but she wasn't entirely stupid, she knew where the kid was. She looked up towards the fire escape just as she heard the squeal of tires coming around the corner.

Clara and Cristine Grant
Los Angeles
ARPers: Cobalt

Clara saw it, she saw the boy use his powers, she knew that this kid was one of the ones her and her sister were after, she battled with herself for a little before she gave in. "Hey Cris, I think I saw something, it might not be anything though." Cris looked back at her sister and turned the bike around, heading in the direction Clara was pointing to.

They turned a corner and came out onto a rather empty street, the only thing off was the destroyed car. The two sisters got off of the Ducati and Clara saw the swish of hair that meant someone was running away. Unfortunately so had Cris. However this did mean the boy that destroyed the car was currently being ignored.


Sarah turned when she saw the bike and ran down an alley. She didn't know what had happened to the boy, she couldn't care less right now, those people could be bad, and from the sounds of it they were chasing her. She turned right and ended up behind the building the fire escape the boy had gone up was attached to, however at the end of the path was a brick wall and Sarah knew she was trapped. She tried a side door that would lead her into the building but it wouldn't open. She turned around as her two pursuers came round the corner and she backed up against the wall.

Clara and Cris

Cris stalked after the young girl like she was food, at times like this Clara was scared. Her sister could get damn well scary. She looked through nearby cameras, no one was coming, and it looked like no one had noticed the car yet. She got out her gun, it was a standard 9mm, nothing special, but she rarely had to use it anyway, Cris did most of the work.

When they turned the corner they saw the girl was trapped. Clara noticed the boy in the fire escape through one of the cameras, but if it meant the kid had a chance to escape, she wasn't going to say anything. Cris stared at Sarah as she pushed herself against the brick wall, the kid wasn't crying and Cris kinda admired that, she hated it when people cried and begged for mercy. Before Sarah could do anything several think black vines shot out of the shadows and wound themselves around her. Clara pulled out a syringe from her pocket and handed it to Cris who walked towards the girl. Sarah just stood there trying not to cry out.

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