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Default Adventures in Skyrim [RP]

In the land of Tamriel, year 4E 201, the region of Skyrim is on the brink of civil war. With the High King killed two sides have risen to put someone they want on the throne. The Imperial Legion wishes to put the late Kingís widow on the thrown and keep ties with the Empire while the rebel Stormcloaks wish for Skyrimís independence. Tensions are rising and the land divided, itís only a matter of time before there is massive bloodshed and a full out war started to settle this debate.

But this is not the only thing that plagues the beautiful land of Skyrim, for this year that marks the return of the dragons.

It is a dark time for the northernmost region of Tamriel. Factions struggling to survive and nowhere near their former glory, a nation divided, and dragons terrorizing the land, it would appear that it was close to the end times. However even in the darkest of times there is always a glimmer of hope, for there is also another legend that could bring hope to the hearts of all in Skyrim Ė the Dragonborn. Known as the ultimate dragon slayer, the Dragonborn could be just the person the land needs. However there hasnít been one in centuries and some arenít sure if itís just a legend or reality.

Will a hero rise to defend Skyrim? Will the land be permanently painted red with the blood spilt with war? Will the mythical Dragonborn appear to fight against the rising dragon threat? No one is certain, and unfortunately only time will tell. This tale has only just begun, and there is not one person who can predict the ending.
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News in Skyrim spreads like wild fire. Helgen was attacked, and not by bandits or rogue mages. It was completely destroyed by a dragon. Bigger than an inn and as black as night, it appeared out of no where and rained down chaos. Hardly anyone came out alive. Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak escaped from the Imperial Legion during the attack and has sense returned to Windhelm. Since then there have been more sightings of dragons, but the black one has remained hidden. With no known way to slay a dragon everyone has been a little more on edge.

However the dragons haven't deterred the ongoing civil war. With Ulfric back in Windhelm the war is back on. Both side are fighting for control over the land, specifically the still neutral Whiterun Hold. While the distractoin of the war has been going factions have still be operating, and some thriving, in the background. For example the Thieves Guild have been rising in power in all the major Holds and a new Arch-Mage has been named at the College of Winterhold. Despite these dark times it seems some places are still prospering.

But the thread of the dragons is still present and growing threat. The war is threatening to break out into a full scale massacre of a battle. So far no one person has tried to rise up and return the peace to Skyrim. Can one person reunite the land, or would it take multiple individuals to band together and show everyone that it's possible to get along? It has yet to be seen, but what is certain is that lives are about to change. A few dragons have been scene circling over certain areas in some of the Holds, not yet attacking. Everyone knows, however, it's only a matter of time before the beasts don't just circle overhead and decide to attack.
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