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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Los Angeles

"Hey! Boy that ran off the train, I want to help you." Came a girls voice from behind Dustyn.
"Sh*t, I knew I would be seen," Dustyn thought to himself, looking behind him. He was being chased by a girl around his age. "Keep dreaming, I'm not stopping."

Dustyn began to get the same feeling he did on the train. That pulsing in his head. The intervals between the pulses were getting small and smaller. The adrenaline rush was about to kick in.

Dustyn looked behind him again, and wasn't surprised to see the girl behind him catching up. He wasn't the fittest person, and was starting to feel the effects of it.

The pulses in his head were getting faster and faster, nearing a hum. Dustyn ran into an alley and saw the fire escape for a building.

"This had better work." Dustyn thought to himself. He ran towards a car parked on the side of the alley, and jumped onto the hood, then to the roof. He then jumped, and as he was about to release the blast, shifted the focus of it below him. The force of the blast crushed the roof of the car like tin foil, shattering the windows, and propelling him a few extra meters into the air. Dustyn grabbed onto the fire escape, and pulled himself up, waiting there to see if this girl would find him.

New York City

Ella sat alone in a small cafe, covered with windows that overlooked the small cemetery across the street. The young blonde teenager sat at her table drinking a hot chocolate, watching the people enter and leave the cemetry. To everyone else, she was a middle aged red haired woman, with thick glasses. One of Ella's greatest illusions. Making her look different in the eyes of everyone else. It tired her, but she enjoyed her life in the real world, and didn't want to risk being found.

Ella looked out one of the windows as she sipped her hot chocolate, and almost spat it out when she saw something that surprised her. A woman chasing a man out of the cemetery. But what was most surprising was the sudden tidal wave in the pond, which suddenly froze, creating a wall between them when the man moved his arms upward. He then got into a dark blue car, and sped off.

Ella stared in shock for a few seconds. She had heard of others like her, but she still didn't expect to see what she just did. She stood out from her chair and went to the counter to pay for her drink.

"$3.54" said the woman behind the counter. Ella held out her hand, with nothing in it. The woman reached into Ella's hand and grabbed the air that should have been small change. To Ella, this is what happened. To the woman and everyone else in the cafe, Ella had just handed her a pile of small change.

Ella walked out of the cafe, wondering what to do next. She didn't have any plans. But she knew she couldn't hold up the illusion much longer. Somebody would see the middle aged red-head flicker into a young blonde.

"I will head home. Nothing to do today." Ella thought to herself.

The walk home was uneventful. The only thing she saw that sparked interest was the homeless man sitting next to the subway station entrance. Ella stopped for a second and looked at the man.
"He might really need money for food. But then again, he might spend it on something stupid." Ella thought. She closed her eyes and tapped into his thoughts.

"When Annie was diagnosed four years ago, I never thought it would end up like this. I lost her, and had to raise three kids on my own. Then I lost my job, and social services took them away from me. Look at me now. I would do anything for a meal."

Ella opened her eyes. She pulled out her purse, and from that a real $20 note, not like the 'money' she used to pay for her hot chocolate earlier.

Ella walked over to him and gave him the note.

"This should be enough for a meal, and there is a shop down the street where you could probably buy a blanket." Ella said. Tears began to line the mans eyes.

"Thank you. Nobody has been this kind to me since my life went downhill." the man said. Ella said goodbye, and continued her walk home.

She stayed at home, until 9pm, when she decided that she wanted to get a movie. She had rested since her last outing, and decided to go with a different disguise on this one. A police officer. After all, New York isn't safe at night, especially for a 16 year old girl.

Ella walked to the movie store, and rented a movie. On her way back, she stopped at a driveway, as a car pulled in and drove into the garage. It seemed familiar to Ella, but she couldn't recall why. Then she remembered. The man at the cemetery. As she walked off, Ella attempted to tap into his thoughts.

"I have been driving around for hours in case she followed. There is no way she kept up. I think we will be safe. Though it pisses me off that I let my guard down like that. Abbee is gone. I need to remember that..."

While hearing this, Ella saw images of the man a few years younger, with a girl. He saw them being chased, and the girl shot. Then she saw the cemetery from today. She saw this girl again. She pulled a gun on the man, then suddenly changed her appearance. She was a shapeshifter.

"Poor guy. If I see this girl again, I will give her a taste of her own medicine." Ella thought, wondering why somebody could do something so horrible. She remembered what she did when she was twelve, causing the man to believe he killed his family, then kill himself. However she was in a life or death situation, and quickly shook off the memory.

Ella arrived home not to long after and put on the movie. Two hours later, she was asleep on the couch, tired from her outings, while the DVD menu played over and over.

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