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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

Originally Posted by Neo Emolga View Post
Problem is... double the WAR equals double the work, but it also means you're dividing member activity between the two of them. Hate to say it, but one forum's WAR will end up cannibalizing the other with the limited time people have. As a result, where one WAR might have worked, both will fall, which doesn't do either forum any good.

Second, Ryan's not coming back. He lost his passion for the site and the forum long ago. But even if he was coming back, it wouldn't stand to benefit anything with the community slowly collapsing. But even when he was around, he just let the site and forum go on its own and had no interest in what the forum did as long as it followed the rules. He never took part in the WAR itself, or any real forum activities, so he doesn't really know what we're trying to save here or what we've been doing for the past decade.

As Corey said, PXR needs to be the PE2K replacement. PE2K had a really good run, but it's golden days are over and we need to admit to that. Attempts were made to kick it back into action, and while they gave the site a few more years of good times, it was inevitable that lack of activity and the presence of the founder and leader of the forum would cause it to collapse.

Instead, it's better that the energy, effort, and time that was devoted to simply keeping PE2K on life support is being directed toward a new beginning with PXR. Harry has always been a compassionate, energetic, and courageous leader of PE2K's community. Where I have personally given up on things, Harry keeps striving and giving it all he's got to make it become the best it can be. Trust me, I have never met anyone on the Internet or in real life that has the kind of drive, encouragement, and opened-mindedness as he does. If there's anyone that can lead PXR into incredible success, it's definitely him. But he can't do it alone, and he needs the help of everyone.

This is why I'm strongly advocating for the WAR to be completely relocated to PXR, and not just to have its own division. PXR deserves the WAR. While it may sound right to give PE2K WAR XII as one final hurrah, it just won't work and won't have the same kind of benefit. A true, new beginning has to come from another beginning's end, and that beginning's end is PE2K. The site was started thirteen years ago, and while that is a pretty good run, it's done and over. We have to move on, because there's new hope with PXR that people should devote their attention to.
I agree with Neo.
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